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Avocado Lattes

Avocado Lattes Are the Hipster Trend Literally No One Asked For

Dear 2017,

You can have your avocado toast, avocado brownies, and even avocado white chocolate bar. But please, please don't make avocado lattes a real thing. Truman Cafe in Melbourne, Australia, has officially invented that hybrid, and we have one thing to say about it: TOO far.

The avocado latte is not a menu item and is clearly being tested out by baristas as a joke. The baristas took a ripe avocado, scooped out half, filled it with espresso, and poured steamed milk on top, finishing it with perfect latte art, of course. "Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions โ€” lattes and avo ๐Ÿ˜‚," the caption for one of the Instagram videos reads. But once enough people get wind of the idea, we wouldn't be surprised if there became a demand for avocado lattes, almost like a "secret menu" order. After all, there's an avocado-only cafe in New York, and it ran out of avocados within just three hours because people loved it that much.

Naturally, these avocado latte videos are getting a lot of reactions out of people โ€” both good and bad โ€” and the 400-plus comments indicate that people actually would want to try this. Here's a sampling of people's comments.

  • "Gross but I'm kinda into it"
  • "Um can we please try this?"
  • "Post-pilates activewear coffee"
  • "Oh wow this is perfection"
  • "This is the most millennial thing I've ever seen"

We personally hope this is a short-lived joke (how could you even drink this?!), but these days, anything is possible in the world of hipster food.

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