These Candies From World Market Offer a Sweet Way to Travel the Globe

There's a whole wide world of candy to discover, and your taste buds can travel around the globe with a simple trip to Cost Plus World Market. Its candy selection is beyond epic. These are some of the bestselling candies that hail from Japan, Germany, Indonesia, and many more sweet locations.

This Australian bar doesn't taste like violet, but it does have a honeycomb toffee center covered in milk chocolate.

Shop it: Nestlé Australia Violet Crumble Bar ($4)

I grew up eating bags of these White Rabbit candies with my best friend. They have a texture similar to a Tootsie Roll, but the true fun is that each candy is wrapped in a flavorless rice paper that keeps your fingers from becoming sticky but dissolves instantly in your mouth. They taste like sweet milk, and you can't stop with one.

Shop it: White Rabbit Creamy Candy, Set of 10 ($30)

I will never forget discovering these cute Happy Hippos in Germany. The crispy wafer crisps are filled with hazelnut cream. This cookie/candy combo makes for one satisfying snack.

Shop it: Kinder Happy Hippo Hazelnut Biscuit 5-Pack, Set of 5 ($22)

Kasugai, a Japanese gummy candy, has delightfully translated descriptions of its flavors. This particular flavor is based on the popular Japanese soda Ramune.

Shop it: Kasugai Ramune Flavor Gummy Candies, Set of 12 ($48)

With a name like Eiffel Bon Bons, you know these chewy, semitart candies are French through and through.

Shop it: Eiffel Apple Bon Bons, Set of 12 ($30)

This product of Greece features one of my absolute favorite Mediterranean sweets: halva. The crunchy, chewy candy is made from tahini (sesame seed butter) and tastes similar to a Butterfinger mixed with marshmallow.

Shop it: Mediterranean Halva Bar With Cocoa, Set of 16 ($16)

Oreo and Milka released a candy bar here in the States, but I'm a huge fan of the German-made Milka bars. This Lu Biscuit Chocolate Bar is "a blend of Milka's signature alpine milk chocolate and the crispy French Lu biscuit." You know it's bound to be good.

Shop it: Milka Lu Biscuit Chocolate Bar ($3)

These Japanese Hello Kitty Marshmallows, filled with matcha-flavored jelly, may be one of my favorite candies on the planet. The addictive puffs aren't too sweet, and they come in other fruit flavors like grape and strawberry too.

Shop it: Hello Kitty Matcha Marshmallows ($4)

The most popular chocolate in Sweden has to be Daim. In fact, they sell loads of it at Ikea. If you want bite-size pieces, try this version.

Shop it: Daim Chocolate Tie Top Bag ($8)

The Indonesian hard candy contains coffee bean extract and real milk! Mmm.

Shop it: Kopiko Cappuccino Candies ($2)

In Amsterdam, licorice is candy king. This Dutch candy translates to "Little Kitten Cat Paws." These adorable candies are made with real licorice root juice, chamomile extract, and other herbs. World Market says they are "soothing on the stomach and respiratory tract." Here's for eating candy when your stomach hurts or you have a cough!

Shop it: Katjes Katzen Pfotchen, Set of 10 ($25)

These hard candies from Japan are like a matcha latte in concentrated form.

Shop it: Kasugai Matcha Milk Hard Candy ($3)

Mentos originated in the Netherlands and are now sold by an Italian manufacturer! Though we're used to seeing fruit and mint flavors in the States, other countries have tons of other unusual flavors, like fresh cola.

Shop it: Fresh Cola Mentos ($1)

Who doesn't love chocolate-covered bananas? These German-made candies feature a banana-flavored jelly coated in dark chocolate.

Shop it: Luehder's Dark Chocolate Jelly Bananas ($3)

This UK hit features a chocolate cone filled with vanilla fondant and topped with a walnut.

Shop it: Nestle Walnut Whip, Set of 6 ($11)

This Belgian truffle combines roasted almonds, a red velvet filling, a cream-cheese-flavored white chocolate shell, and crunchy crisps.

Shop it: Nutffles Red Velvet Truffles, Set of 36 ($14)

These Japanese cookies look like burgers, but they're really sesame-topped wafers filled with chocolate!

Shop it: Every Burger Chocolate and Sesame Cookies ($3)

UK's Lion Bar is like a Kit Kat meets a Crunch Bar meets a Mars Bar. Three-in-one is better than one!

Shop it: Nestle Lion Bar ($2)

This Italian candy bar features its famous limoncello flavor infused in rich, dark chocolate.

Shop it: Perugina Dark Chocolate Limoncello Bar, Set of 2 ($6)