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Expensive-Looking Kitchen Design

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Whether you have culinary talents or prefer to stick to takeout, we all dream of that gorgeous kitchen. But with all of the choices and options available to you, how do you create the perfect, high-end-looking kitchen? From the materials on the floor to the lights on the ceiling, we've got some simple suggestions that can really help to elevate your kitchen's look. And from quick updates to full renos, there's a tip for every budget!

Make Use of Light Fixtures

When it comes to designing any space, light is your best friend. And light fixtures play double duty: they can brighten up a dark corner and add a ton of style to your space. So to really spruce up your kitchen, don't rely on pot lighting. Add a statement light fixture to the middle of your ceiling, or hang some gorgeous pendant lights above a peninsula or island.

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Use a Variety of Hardware

One of the best ways to make your kitchen look more expensive is to make it look more custom. But you don't have to have fully custom cabinets to reap the benefits of this design choice. Pick out a variety of hardware to mix up the look of your kitchen. Opt for pulls on the drawers and knobs on the cabinets, but try to choose hardware with the same finish to keep your kitchen looking uniform.

Install High Cabinets

The benefits of larger upper cabinets are endless. They give you more storage space, draw the eye upward to make your kitchen feel bigger, and add another element of luxury. Take your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling for a really upscale look. They also help add to that custom-cabinet look. And if you have a really high ceiling, you can add extra molding or faux cabinets.

Invest in Great Floors

More than almost any other feature of a room, your floor can really make or break a space. And if you have cheap-looking floors, your kitchen won't look expensive. But this doesn't mean you have to buy the most expensive flooring option. With advancements in flooring technologies, it's easy to get a great-looking floor without a huge price tag. Look for ceramic tiles that mimic granite or hardwood for a striking appearance.

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Buy a High-Quality Sink and Faucet

We use our kitchen sinks and faucets every day, often dozens of times a day. Yet when it comes to updating our kitchens, they can go unnoticed. It's worth it to buy a high-quality sink, as they often end up looking great for longer. Get the best sink you can afford, as low-quality sinks can stain and detract from the look of your kitchen. And a great faucet with some personality is an easy way to add instant glam and panache to the space.

Pay Attention to the Details

Think backsplashes aren't worth the money? Think again! While often mischaracterized as decorative, backsplashes are a useful part of any kitchen. They keep your walls clean and make wiping up splashes a cinch. A great backsplash also makes a big statement because of the amount of wall space it occupies in your kitchen. So even if you go with a simple white subway tile, taking the time to consider the details can go a long way.

Use the Right Layout

Layout isn't just important for making a space really work — it's also a quick fix to really elevate your space. By now we've all heard of the triangle rule: arranging your stove, fridge, and sink in a triangle to optimize the use of your kitchen. An organized kitchen will look more put-together and ultimately a little more expensive. Bonus tip: place the fridge near the entrance to your kitchen, as this is usually the main destination!

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