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Shipping Container Home Trend

Holy Ship! This Container Home-Trend Will Make You Want to Live INSIDE the Box

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Whether you're an apartment dweller who dreams of owning a home, or a house hunter who longs for something a little different from the norm, there's a housing trend that will suit your desire: the shipping container home trend. While not necessarily brand new, the trend of utilizing metal cargo containers as building material for unique, sustainable homes is one that many have never consider — but should!

Once you dive into the world of container homes, "traditional" will look less appealing than ever. Container living can be modern, eclectic, "shabby chic," or whatever you want to make it. Container homes can be as simple as a single cargo unit with doors and windows, or can be expanded into several containers for a larger space. You can create multi-story container homes, put them on wheels, slap on porches, throw in a cement garage, or even sub in glass walls; whatever fits your unique style, you can do with a container home!

If you want to explore the potential of the shipping container lifestyle, just check out these elevated options from builders and residents alike. Color us obsessed!

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