Chip Gaines Just Performed the Ultimate Act of Love For Joanna

Although there's only been a handful of seasons of Fixer Upper, it feels like we've known the HGTV show's hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, forever. We're obsessed with their positive energy, their unwavering love for each other, and their dedication to the show's goals, but we just saw a side to the couple we've never seen before!

Joanna shared a photo on Instagram of Chip saving the day and tweezing her gray hairs. Don't worry, she knows it's not the best tactic, but it had to be done. "Let's talk about three things here: 1. I look like an alien in this pic 2. Chip loves to tweeze my gray hairs (I know I know not good but sometimes you just gotta do it) 3. That island," she wrote.

How cute are they?! Major props to Chip for tackling Joanna's pesky gray hairs and bonus points for the huge smile on his face. Chip and Joanna are never shy in front of the camera, and their latest public display of affection is just making us admire their relationship even more.

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