50+ Creative Closet Hacks Every Fashion Girl Should Master

It's hard not to look to designers, models, and bloggers for every single bit of fashion inspiration. Sure, they have dream-worthy wardrobes and killer closets, but let's be real: how many of us actually have huge walk-in closets? For inspiration that's just as chic but a little more practical, we're looking to fashionable everyday ladies on Instagram to show us how it's done. Once you get a look at their spaces and all the tips we can take away from them, we have a feeling you'll be running home ASAP to give your closet the makeover it deserves.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

Clothing Rack

If your closet is out of room, clothing racks are a simple and chic way to display your best pieces while making room for more. Make any rack cuter by putting hats and other accessories on it to dress it up. Clothes outside of the closet never looked so cute!

Color-Coding Clothes

Color-coding clothes is not only helpful, but it also makes your closet look super chic. Arrange each article of clothing from lightest to darkest and never have trouble finding the perfect piece again.

Rolling Dressing Rack

A rolling dressing rack is helpful when you have an overflow of clothes and need somewhere to hang them for a short period of time. These racks are easy to move, slim enough to keep in a closet, and fun to turn into bedroom decor.

Headband Holder

If you're a headband fanatic, we don't blame you! Finding room for large hair accessories can be a feat in itself, so making a DIY headband holder is the best way to store your beloved accessories. Find an old oatmeal container or use a clear cylinder stand and stack your headbands around the base.

Custom Closet Storage

Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and install your own custom closet. This gorgeous closet looks like it cost a fortune, but the inspiring homeowners actually did it themselves using an IKEA bookcase!

Sunglass Station

Take a cue from this Instagrammer and create a sunglass station by making a DIY wall rack with a braided rope and storing all your favorite pairs on it. You'll be able to easily locate and grab the perfect pair of sunnies for every outfit!

Belt Drawer

Check out how this Instagram user expertly arranges all her belts and accessories inside a pull-out drawer. The clutter from the accessories is hidden in a convenient and creative way.

Shoe Boxes

Use the bottom of a clothing rack to store shoe boxes and other clothing essentials. Store unwanted shoes inside of the boxes and stack the shoes you wear more often on top of the boxes to get the most out of additional storage space.

Pull-Out Drawers

Creating drawers that pull out at the bottom of a shelving rack are useful because small clutches and accessories can be hidden away and create the look of less clutter.

White Hangers

Simple white hangers make clothing easy to find, while also giving your closet a consistent color pattern. Color coding clothing will also make an all-white closet look even more organized and clean.

Nail Polish Organizer

Reimagine your nail polish organizer into a clutch holder in no time. Simply stack your clutches from smallest to largest, so you can find the right one when you need it.

Denim Hooks

Use the back of the closet door to hang jeans, pants, and other denim necessities. Fasten small hooks to the back of the door and let your jeans stay wrinkle-free (and easy to see!).

Bins and Shelves

Bins, hanging shoe racks, and shelves can create more room in even the smallest of closets. Organize accessories, shoes, and clothing in each individual space to optimize the most of your space.

Repurposed Boxes

Have old boxes from recent purchases lying around? Great! Use them to store bras, underwear, and other garments with ease. Laptop box lids are the perfect size to store bras in, so make sure you don't throw them out.

Dresser Display

If you have an empty wall or two in your closest, push dressers in front of them to make room for more storage. The dressers will not only give you more places to keep your clothing, but it will also make the most of the unused wall space.

Stacking and Sorting

Forget hangers! Use shelving space to stack and sort sweaters, jeans, and other clothing items. Group each section by clothing type and give them each a designated spot (shirts on the left, sweaters on the right, jeans in the middle, etc.). This will ensure that each piece of clothing has a specific spot, making things easy to find as well as keeping your closet organized.

Hanging Clothing Rack

If you want to put a spin on the traditional clothing rack, make a DIY clothing rack by attaching chains or twine to the ceiling and using a long rod or wooden pole to act as a rack. Hang up your clothes, and your work here is done.

Under-the-Bed Storage

If your dressers are bursting at the seams with undergarments, pajamas, and other articles of clothing, look under the bed to find more storage. Use small baskets and containers to house your overflow of clothes, and place them under the bed. We suggest finding baskets that offer dust protection toppers to ensure your clothes stay fresh.

Bookcase Storage

Instead of filling your favorite bookcase with books, fill it with your bulky shoes, seasonal accessories, and more. The shelves in the bookcase will provide adequate room for all kinds of accessories, as well as make for a cool piece of bedroom decor.


Labeling your drawers by clothing type will help you to stay organized and keep everything where it belongs. From underwear to bras, these helpful labels will give clothing a personalized place to call home.

Seasonal Storage Bins

Are Winter scarves, Spring flats, and Summer sundresses taking up much-needed room in your closet? Use large bins to house all of your unneeded clothes and accessories for the season. Pro tip: label each bin so you know which set of clothes can be found in which box.

Purse Holder

If your love for purses has resulted in not enough closet room, turn a shelving unit or chic bookcase into a handbag display. You can show off your cutest pieces, while also giving them room to breathe instead of stuffing them inside a jam-packed closet.

Woven Baskets

Small woven baskets are perfect for housing scarves, beanies, and other accessories that don't fit in the closet. Due to their compact size, they don't take up very much room and can look double as bedroom decor.

Hanging Baskets

Need more room for your accessories? Create additional storage by attaching woven baskets to a sleek wire rack and displaying it where you please. (We prefer the back of the closet.) Store gloves, hats, scarves, belts, and more inside each basket, and keep your space looking clutter-free and organized.

Purse Hanger

Use the ends of a clothing rack to hang purses and handbags to make the most of your space. You'll be able to quickly locate your favorite pieces, while also putting them on display for others to admire. Hats and other accessories can also call the ends of the rack home, too.

Hanging Jeans

For wrinkle-free jeans, we suggest hanging them in the lower part of the closet. You'll be able to easily sift through them and find your must-have pair, while also utilizing every inch of your closet.

DIY Crate Storage

Looking for your next DIY project? We've got the thing for you! Use wooden crates as additional closet storage when you glue them together and fasten them against the closet wall. These cool crates offer a luxurious amount of storage, as well as a DIY project worth showing off.

Wall Shelving

Take advantage of unused wall space by adding chic shelves to the area. These can be used to hold your favorite accessories, jewelry boxes, and more. Use the bottom part of the shelves to attach small racks so you can hang additional pieces of clothing outside your closet.

Undergarment Organizer

Using dividers in your undergarment drawer is good for organizing lingerie, socks, and underwear by making it easy to access each piece you need, when you need it. It will also encourage you to put away your clothes right where they belong, leaving no slot unused.

DIY Closet

Don't have a closet? You're not alone! Making a closet is easier than you might think. If you have unused space above your door, on the walls, or around your dresser, these can be turned into much-needed storage spaces. Use a bookcase to create a cool shelving unit, make your own cubbies with pieces of painted wood, and hang a long rod across the top of your room to hang clothing. Creativity is key.

Out With the Old

If your closet is full of clothes you don't wear, it's time to get rid of what you don't need. Quality over quantity applies to clothing, and getting rid of items you don't wear will encourage you to appreciate the ones you do. Bonus: It will also make room for new additions.

Clear Dividers

If you have extra shelves, use them to store bulky items such as jeans and sweaters. To ensure each shelf is organized, use clear dividers to separate the different stacks of clothing. You can also label the sets of clothing so you know what is can be found where (i.e. wool sweaters, knit sweaters, light-wash jeans).


Ran out of skirt hangers? No problem! Attach clothespins to a shirt hanger and you're ready to go.

Organize by Clothing Type

Arrange your closet by clothing type (shirts, dresses, slacks, etc.) to easily locate each piece that you are looking for. Work with the layout of the closet to find the best space for each type of clothing.

Hat Display

Give your hats some room to shine by displaying them on the walls of the closet. Simply hang them on a nail and let them add some creative style to your wall space.

Acid-Free Tissue Paper

To protect delicate sweaters from dust and moisture, line each piece with acid-free tissue paper to keep them looking fresh all year long. No matter where you store your offseason clothes, they will be protected.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves typically hold books, but when you live in a small apartment and closet space is tight, move the books elsewhere because this is the perfect space to line up your favorite pairs of shoes.

Clothing Rack Space

Use extra clothing rack space to hang up pairs of jeans that you frequently wear. This will keep them from becoming wrinkled and give them a chance to stay fresh.

Shower Curtain Rings

Shower curtain rings are every closet's new best friend. Attach shower curtain rings to a hanger and organize clothes in seconds.

Rolled Clothing

To optimize drawer space, roll each piece of clothing and tightly pack them together. Rolling clothes helps to compact them, ultimately making more room for more pieces.

Uniform Hangers

We love that no matter how big or small the closet, you can elevate its look by using uniform hangers.

Small-Space Usage

Use a small space in your closet to store seasonal clothes that you are not wearing. Don't be afraid to pack it tight!

Soda-Can Tabs

Soda-can tabs are a genius way to make more room in your closet with little effort. Simply hook the top of the tab to a hanger and hang another hanger on the bottom of the tab. Creating closet space has never been so simple!

Top-Shelf Use

Use the top shelf of your closet to store bins and boxes full of clothes for additional space. Put the boxes on their side so clothes are easy to see and in close reach.

Shower Curtain Hangers

Shower curtain rings are the perfect way to hang jeans in the closet. They are easy to move along the rack and also keep jeans from getting wrinkled. We are all about this hack.

Cardboard Cutouts

Organizing socks has been never easier! Use a cardboard box to make a DIY drawer organizer in no time. Keep socks in place and organized.

Letter Sorters

Who knew letter sorters could be used in a closet? Grab some sorters from any home store and easily organize your closet from top to bottom.

Closet Coloring

By painting the closet wall a bright color, each piece of clothing can be easier to spot. Even accessories on the top of your closet will be in better view.

Glass Bookcase

An affordable glass bookcase displays this Instagrammer's shoe collection as elegantly as a piece of art.


There's no closet too big or too small to decorate. Case in point: this chic wallpapered coat closet.

Handbag Containers

This small-space dweller maximized every inch of her closet space by storing her handbags in a container and using the space above the hanging clothes to line up two stories of shoes.