Target's Selling Glittery Inflatable Chairs, So Get Ready to Relive Your '90s Childhood

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Aaaand I'm back from my brief fainting episode — phew! If you're prone to getting particularly overwhelmed by nostalgia, you may not want to continue reading this. But if you eat, live, and breathe those gushy, sentimental feelings, you've come to the right place, and you'll likely squeal with delight over my latest Target discovery.

The retailer is currently selling inflatable chairs . . . just like the ones that every cool kid had in the '90s. One look at these blow-up seats immediately transported me back to my childhood days of chillin' in my inflatable lounger while daydreaming about how I could switch lives with Lizzie McGuire and simultaneously flipping through the laminated pages of my Pokémon card binder to make sure my brothers didn't steal my precious holographic Charizard card.

Speaking of holographic goodness, Target's Air Candy inflatable chairs are filled with sparkly bits of foil glitter in three dazzling colors, including pink, gold, and a multicolored option for all those rainbow-lovers out there. Plus, Target is also selling blow-up matching ottomans for all your foot-resting needs. Each glittery chair costs just $30, which is quite a bit less than other stores that are also selling them. Shop the TBT-worthy chairs and coordinating ottomans below if you're looking to give your living space a fun, '90s-inspired upgrade.