The 10 Plants You Should Be Decorating With, According to Joanna Gaines

When Joanna Gaines dishes on her list of favorite plants for styling Fixer Upper reveals, you take note. After receiving countless inquiries from fans about the plants she used on season four of Fixer Upper, Joanna decided it was time to pen a visual guide to her go-to plants. If you've admired Joanna's green thumb and are planning on making a pit stop to the nursery, be sure to add these to your list! For even more inspiration, check out the Magnolia blog to see how Joanna pots and styles these pretties for the perfect touch of green.



If you're looking for fast-growing, leafy vines that can dangle from a shelf or a hanging pot, a hoya plant could be just what you need. While it doesn't need direct sunlight, Joanna recommends placing it by a window. Complete the look by styling it in this macrame hanger from Magnolia Market.

Olive Tree

Olive Tree

Joanna gushed about her fondness for using olive trees indoors in the Spring 2017 issue of Chip and Joanna's quarterly magazine, The Magnolia Journal. According to Joanna, these sun-loving trees make the perfect gift because of their powerful symbolism.



Whether you're looking for soft, textural ground cover or a small pop of green for a coffee table, Pilea can satisfy both. We love the way it looks in this terracotta and iron plant stand, but take note — it's tiny!


Snake Plant

Joanna likes the low-maintenance needs of snake plants, but we're also impressed by how having this plant in your home can actually improve your health! Instagram user Ali Harper adds a beachy vibe to her snake plant by placing it in a basket.


String of Bananas

If you're looking for vines that are less leafy and more sculptural, consider one of Joanna's favorites, string of bananas succulents. Just follow Joanna's advice and be sure not to overwater!


Elephant Bush

If you need something tall and textural, consider an elephant bush. Joanna especially loves these for styling bookshelves and recommends putting them in a warm room with lots of light.


Creeping Jenny

One fan took Joanna's creeping jenny recommendation to heart and made a place for the plant in his kitchen. Check out the full tour of his beautiful home! Joanna likes the way the creeping jenny spills over the sides of the pot its planted in for extra drama.


Night-Blooming Cereus

This pretty cactus has a surprise feature — it blooms at night! Bring it into your home if you're looking for something that doesn't require a ton of attention.


Variegated Vinca

Joanna is a fan of this plant that can thrive in practically any space — including shady rooms. We enjoy the pretty two-toned look of the leaves.


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The fiddle leaf fig tree has been popular for a while now, but it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. Joanna advises saving money by buying a baby tree if you have the patience and green thumb for it. Check out these tips for taking care of a fiddle leaf fig tree to ensure it lasts!