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Fixer Upper Season 4

The Gaines Are Re-Renovating One of Their Earliest Homes and Other Details About Fixer Upper Season 4

"One thing I can definitely guarantee about Season 4, is there will be no lack of Chip's stunts," Joanna Gaines jokes in a blog post teasing season four of Fixer Upper. The premiere episode is set air on Tuesday, Nov. 29, at 9 p.m. PST/EST. Joanna has whet our appetite for new episodes by revealing several exciting facts about the upcoming season. Check them out below.

1. The Gaineses Will Re-Renovate One of Their Earliest Flips

Chip and Joanna have been flipping houses for so long that they're actually revisiting one of their earliest fixer-upper homes, renovating it to contemporary perfection. "This is what we did for a living when we met," said Chip in a press release, adding, "Flipping this house is reminiscent of our beginnings."

2. There's a New Shiplap in Town

Joanna's signature material — shiplap — has a rival, and its name is skinnylap. "Same idea as shiplap, but with thinner planks," Joanna describes, warning that viewers can expect to see a lot of it in season four renos.

3. Expect a Change Toward Colorful Walls

We've fallen in love with the neutral, vintage Americana-inspired palette that Joanna decorates with, but in season four it's going to be interrupted by pops of color. Joanna says she's been incorporating more wallpaper and bolder paint colors in her designs.

4. You'll See More Unique Spaces

While clients have their entire house renovated, only the most dramatic rooms (think kitchen, bedroom, living room) tend to make the TV cut — but this season Joanna says you can expect to see some exciting new areas of the home; "we'll be branching out and showing off unique sitting nooks, fun playrooms and even a space that was specially designed for a client's sweet furry friends," she writes.

5. The Gaines Kids Are Helping Out

In accordance with this season's focus on kid-friendly spaces, Chip and Joanna have been turning to their kids for design ideas and inspiration. "Having them involved is fun for me," Joanna writes.

6. The Bakery's Development Will Be Featured

We've been stealing peeks at the up-and-coming Magnolia Bakery on Instagram, but Joanna revealed that on this season of Fixer Upper, we're going to get a detailed look at the project. The transformation of an extra building on their property into a bakery will garner its own special episode slated to air on Valentine's Day 2017.

7. It's Still All About the Clients

The heart of the show, thankfully, will remain focused on the clients. As in seasons past, each episode will feature a client with a compelling story. "What's unique about Fixer Upper is that, to me, it really is all about my client. Their style. Their budget. Their home," Joanna says.

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