This Enneagram-Inspired Wall Art Gave More Meaning to My Home

keeley shaw chasing paper all important all valid print
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
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I fall into the very small (seemingly nonexistent) category of people who reject basically everything related to horoscopes or astrology. As to why, the short answer is that I struggle to believe it's all real, and the long answer is that back in junior high, I was told that Geminis are known for being two-faced and self-destructive, and I've casually denied any and all association with my zodiac sign ever since (super healthy way of coping, I know). While I'm no astrology aficionado, I imagine those people who take great pride in their zodiac signs get the same sort of satisfaction in reading their weekly horoscopes as I do whenever I take a personality test — after all, both are really aimed at helping you to better understand who you are and why you act the way you do. My latest personality test obsession comes in the form of the enneagram test, which has enamored me with its specificity and accuracy ever since I first took the exam.

I'm an enneagram 5w4, which is explained as someone who is curious, independent (sometimes dangerously), observant, and in a constant pursuit of knowledge — hence why I'm probably so obsessed with personality tests and trying to understand my own self better. I never knew that my fascination with all things related to enneagrams could one day translate into home decor, too (even going so far as to take up a permanent place on my wall) — that is, until I was introduced to the Keeley Shaw x Chasing Paper collection, which debuted earlier this fall. Shaw, a Chicago-based artist self-described as someone who "draws the way it feels," teamed up with the beloved design company to unveil an exclusive collaboration inspired totally by enneagrams and each individual personality type (there are nine designs in the collection, each inspired by the nine enneagram types). The collaboration's abstract patterns are all meant to appeal to each personality category and aim to inspire a certain emotional reaction or connection that can best speak to the uniqueness of the different types.

The collection also features several additional prints that are adorned with whimsical details and thoughtful quotes like "Growth Isn't Linear" and "It Can Be Good and Hard." When I was offered the chance to receive a sample from the collab and feel firsthand the meaning behind the artwork, I (naturally) jumped at the opportunity and was drawn to this Keeley Shaw x Chasing Paper "All Important, All Valid" Print ($12-95), in particular. Almost immediately, the print became my favorite piece of artwork in my home. And, since hanging it up, I've noticed such a unique emotional change in myself, that I'm also gifting a smaller version of the print to each of my girlfriends, too. Keep reading for my review of how this Chasing Paper print genuinely transformed my home for the better.

What I Like About This Keeley Shaw x Chasing Paper Print

I think truly great art is meant to evoke an emotional response or thought — sometimes good or bad — and that's part of what I love so much about Shaw's work, and this print, in particular. Emotions are literally built into the DNA of each design in this collection and all with such care and attention to detail that you feel as if something really special is adorning your walls at all times. The artwork is incredibly simple — it doesn't feel too loud or narrowly designed to incorporate into my own space, which gives me hope that it can also grow with me as my taste and design preferences change.

Despite its more muted essence, the piece also packs a lot of weight. On those days when I'm feeling down or my emotions are all over the place, seeing this artwork gives me an immediate reality check and understanding that regardless of where I'm at on the emotional spectrum, my feelings are valid, they're important to sit with and understand, but they also don't have to define how the rest of my day or week is going to unfold. There's so much power in having that reminder, and in a strange way, having that message hanging so boldly within my home even feels like an act of self-care in itself. I also appreciate that with Chasing Paper, you have the option to get the print framed before it ships (at an additional cost, of course), so if you — like me — always procrastinate finding frames for your artwork and photos, you can eliminate that stress altogether by simply ordering prints through the brand.

What's Worth Noting

I love absolutely everything about this print. The only thing worth noting is that it can take quite a bit of time between when you order the piece and when the product actually arrives. This is, in part, because the print is included in a special collection between Chasing Paper and artist Keeley Shaw, so you might not see the same immediate inventory with the decor as you would if you just ordered a more generic print off of the brand's site. I also opted to have mine framed, which was estimated to take an additional 10-14 days to ship. Because the print is so beautiful and adds such a warm touch to my home, I wouldn't be deterred from ordering the piece again or encouraging others to do so — whether for yourself, a friend, or even as a housewarming gift. That being said, if you'd like to receive this print by a certain date, I'd recommend ordering it sooner rather than later, accounting for the more extensive time it might take to have it put together and shipped.

keeley shaw chasing paper all important all valid print
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Who Is This Keeley Shaw x Chasing Paper Print Best For?

This "All Important, All Valid" print is perfect for anyone who loves displaying art with a genuine meaning inside their home. I love that the piece is so aesthetically pleasing and warm, so it seamlessly fits within my living space. I also appreciate the gentle reminder that this print provides from a more emotional perspective — and not just for me, but also any guests or loved ones who visit my home. Feelings are a very human part of our existence, and I really value being able to create a space that feels safe, open, and welcoming to anyone who enters it. There's a number of different ways to achieve this, but I think this print really helps to set that tone even more.

Where Is This Keeley Shaw x Chasing Paper Print Available?

This limited edition print is available to shop exclusively at Chasing Paper.

Additional Details

  • The print is available to shop in three different sizes (including 8 x 10 in., 16 x 20 in., and 24 x 36 in.), so shoppers can opt for the proportion that works best within their home. My own print is the 16 x 20 in. size.
  • At an additional cost, shoppers also have the option to get the print framed before it ships, and can choose between black, white, and natural frame colorways.
  • Ten percent of the proceeds from Keeley Shaw's art print collection with Chasing Paper will be donated to the nonprofit Active Minds, which works to support mental health advocacy among young adults through research and education.