24 Fun and Fascinating Facts About Rehab Addict's Nicole Curtis

Fans across the nation can't get enough of Nicole, host and star of HGTV's Rehab Addict, whose passion for saving old homes in Detroit and Minneapolis, MN, is at the heart of her renovation show. Nicole's engaging personality also comes across on social media, where she clearly has a sense of humor (ahem: did you see her pregnancy announcement?).

If you're a fan of HGTV, DIY, and Rehab Addict and you want to know more about Nicole and her work, we've done the research! Read through to find out 24 fun, fascinating facts about the rehabber at the heart of the action.


She's a Mom

Nicole has a teenage son named Ethan and an adorable toddler son named Harper.


The DIY Network Found Her

The DIY Network was looking for a real-estate agent in the Minneapolis, MN, area when they stumbled across Nicole's website, which had what she called "Glamour Shots-type photos." The producers were intrigued and asked Nicole to come in for a test shoot.


She's a Michigan Native

Nicole was born in Detroit and later went to school in Georgia, Florida, and Michigan.


She Stays Active

"Everyone assumes I have some secret fitness routine — I don't sit still," Nicole told the website Quirky Inspired. She also bikes, goes on hikes, and runs, and she kayaks or snowshoes seasonally.


She Has More Than One Show

Nicole has a show with David Bromstad and Josh Temple called Beach Flip.


She's Been Employed by Hooters

According to her publicity biography, Nicole put herself through college by working at Hooters.


Travel Is Her Indulgence

Nicole told POPSUGAR Home in 2014 that travel is her true indulgence. "I am very frugal, but with travel I spare no expense," she said.


She Loves Old Dogs

After receiving a shirt from her friend that read, "Old people, old dogs, old houses," Nicole adopted the saying as a kind of mantra. The second part is definitely important to Nicole, who has two pups named Max and Lucy. Lucy even goes along on television interviews!


She Once Worked as a Cleaner

Nicole left college shortly before receiving her teaching degree to open a cleaning business.


She's a Real-Estate Agent

In addition to rehabbing old houses, Nicole is a real-estate agent.


She Teamed Up With LeBron James

Nicole ventured to Akron, OH, to renovate a home for a family in need with LeBron James and his LeBron James Family Foundation Promise Project.


Energy Efficiency Isn't Tops on Her List

Nicole has said in various interviews that aiming for an energy-efficient home is somewhat misguided. "I don't see the benefits of new doors and windows — it's such an itsy bitsy change if any," she said in a conversation with the Washington Post. She believes old windows and doors were made better than many new products.


She Loves Fashion

Nicole told POPSUGAR Home that her most prized salvaged item is an "Oscar de la Renta dress from the 1970s."


She Shops Around

Nicole has said in interviews that it's best to get five estimates before hiring someone to help work on a home.


She's a '90s Teen

She graduated from Lake Orion High School in Michigan in 1994.


Being Poor Helped Her Creativity

When she was younger, Nicole didn't have much money, and she credits the experience for making her more creative. She told Do It Yourself, "I've always decorated very eclectically, partly because I was poor. Being poor makes you very creative. When you have money, you don't have to be creative. I love garage sale finds, I love vintage furniture."


She Flies All the Time

Nicole spoke with Detroit local channel WXYZ about how much she flies. "I'm bouncing in and out a lot," she said. "Detroit airport is pretty much our home base. Everyone there — TSA — we just go on through!"


She Went Without Job Security

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't take risks," Nicole said in a conversation with the Washington Post. "I haven't had job security in 20 years."


She Bought a House For $1

Nicole was able to buy a Minneapolis, MN, home for $1, and after $100,000 in fixes, she listed it for $145,000 in 2012.


She's a Former Banana Republic Employee

Nicole shared on Facebook that, before she went on television, she worked at a Banana Republic. She lasted there for two weeks!


She's Been on Another HGTV Show

Nicole also once made a guest appearance on HGTV's show Sweat Equity.


She's Inspired by Her Parents

Nicole learned the value of reusing furniture from her parents, who would pick up pieces others had thrown away.