Skull Terrariums Are the Perfect DIY Project For Halloween-Loving Goth Queens

Skull-shaped succulent planters are currently dominating Pinterest in honor of the Halloween season, and we're so freakin' here for them. If you are just as obsessed with the trend and want another way to decorate your home with skulls, look no further than skull-shaped terrariums. They're a gothy alternative to those basic spherical terrariums and are super easy to make at home as your favorite pumpkin-scented candle burns in the background.

Once you've purchased your corked glass skull head (which can be found through retailers like Michaels and Etsy), all you need are some soil, pebbles, moss, and plants of choice. We suggest succulents to make your masterpiece extra Instagram worthy. Squeezing each item through the tiny opening on top of the container may be tricky, so go for smaller plants and pebbles to make things easy. Once you've carefully placed every component in the skeletal glass vessel, you'll have an edgy yet chic desktop decoration that can stay up well past the spooky holiday.

Before you roll up your sleeves and dive into this Halloween-ready DIY project, read on to see how other crafty Instagram users have made their skull terrariums for a dose of inspiration.