Pinterest Reveals 9 Surprising Savvy Decor Trends on the Rise

POPSUGAR Photography | Adrian Busse
POPSUGAR Photography | Adrian Busse

Pinterest is a great place to turn to when you want to look for inspiring interior design images — which is also what makes it a great place to look for rising trends. The great minds at Pinterest recently did just that, narrowing down some 100 billion ideas from 175 million Pinners into a handful of the hottest trends. Check out the most popular ideas for the home ahead.

Removable Wallpaper

Want to snazz up your walls with something more vivid than paint? You're not alone! Pinterest searches for removable wallpaper are up a whopping 344 percent a — which isn't so surprising considering how many stylish temporary options have recently come onto the market. And did we mention how perfect this playful wall covering is for renters who want a short-term design solution?

No-Closet Closet

Small or nonexistent closet space seems to be a universal problem as searches for alternatives, like DIY ladder wardrobes and clothing racks, are up 50 percent.

Shower Plants

We already knew that bathrooms provide the perfect environment for many house plants, but now it seems the Pinterest masses are catching on, too. Shower greenery is a major trend on Pinterest, up more than 300 percent!

Vertical Bar Cart

A tiny living space is no longer preventing party-loving dwellers from having their own adorable bar cart — but instead of thinking where on the floor to put one, they're looking up to their walls. Searches for functional and space-saving vertical bar carts are up 303 percent.

Stylish Knobs and Legs

Swapping in new hardware is one of our favorite ways to make furniture and cabinets look expensive and fresh. And it's one of Pinterest users' favorite ways, too. Searches for stylish legs and knobs were up 30 percent.

Round Mirrors

Boring rectangular vanity mirrors are out and mod circular ones are in. Searches for this nontraditional bathroom option is up 35 percent.


Warm-toned interiors are back, and they're bringing classic terracotta with them. Pinterest searches for it are up 35 percent.

Accessories as Decor

Perhaps it's the popularity of design shows that teaches us how to decorate creatively, or maybe it's just the prevalent lack of closet space, but using fashion accessories as decor has become a popular (and inexpensive) way to enliven a space, up 155 percent.

Stylish Storage

It used to be that you either stored your off-season clothes under the bed or banished them to an attack or storage unit, but today's dwellers are getting savvy and looking for furniture that does double duty — for example, a stylish steamer trunk coffee table that can hold also all your wool sweaters. Searches for this type of off-season storage are up 160 percent.