What Is Avant Basic? Let's Dive Into TikTok's Hot New Home-Decor Trend

If you've been on TikTok or scrolled through Instagram lately, there's a good chance you've seen the new style trend that emerged this summer. Dubbed "avant basic," this kitschy aesthetic features bright colors and funky patterns that are taking over the fashion and home spaces. With psychedelic swirls, bohemian checks, and carefree prints, this style is reminiscent of summers back in the '60s and '70s.

TikTokers who have adopted the aesthetic for their homes are debuting their revamped spaces on the video-sharing app, and the styles are dreamy, to say the least. With geometric, floral, and other optic prints on display, homes are buzzing with bright colors and quirky designs. With inspiration from abstract art, this trend is making home decor more fun and punchy with everything from swirly candles to exquisite coffee tables and more. With colors that range from bright pink, green, and orange to deeper purple, red, and green, these contrasting shades are making a splash in homes, apartments, and dorm rooms everywhere.

If you want to highlight self-expression in your living space, these funky patterns, out-there accessories, and psychedelic patterns are all you need to do so. Check out these TikTok videos to see the best inspiration for curating your home to have an avant-basic style. Ready to flash back into the past?


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Notice the bright colors on the decorative pillow, the different prints on the wall, and the dark-green coffee table — these small nods to the quirky aesthetic will turn your home into an avant-basic dream in no time.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

With tons of great avant-basic home inspiration, Instagram account @kspring highlights the trend with pieces that are bright, fun, and simply dreamy. Green, purple, and pink can be seen in her space, as well as cool prints and faux plants.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Prints with bright colors and accessories with bold designs will turn your space into an avant-basic home in no time. Look for eye-catching pieces that everyone's sure to notice.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Complete with inspiration for home, fashion, and beauty, it's easy to see that this style highlights quirky designs, bright colors, and '60s inspiration. Opt for mirrors with cool designs, acrylic coffee tables, and patterned rugs to achieve this aesthetic.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Swirly candles, cheeky kitchen accessories, and solid white acrylic furniture pieces are the best for channeling this aesthetic. Look for standout colors and quirky designs.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Pastels and bright colors are the key to the avant-basic theme. Cool candles, large prints, and colorful tables and chairs will instantly transform any space with a chic '60s feel.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Mismatched rugs, large plants, and bright colors define this funky style. Don't be afraid to go wild with decor, because less is not more!


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Notice the pastel colors, checkered patterns, and old-school ceramic pieces. To have your home embody this style, make sure to have accessories that are fun, bold, and nostalgic.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Channel the '60s and '70s with help from icons from that time. Coffee-table books and prints of stars from the past will help channel this aesthetic in a chic and tasteful way. Add colorful accents around the house to make this theme come to life.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Bright colors, cool shapes, and old-school accessories will turn your home into an avant-basic masterpiece. Experiment with different hues, patterns, and designs to let your self-expression shine.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Flowers, swirls, and circles are all avant-basic shapes to experiment with. Look out for ashtrays, ring holders, candles, and accessories that feature these shapes to make the most of the nostalgic style.


Avant-Basic Home-Decor Inspiration

Cow print is a characteristic of the avant-basic trend, so be sure to have furniture or accent pieces with this pattern. You can DIY them yourself or check out home brands that have cow-print pieces.