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How to Achieve the Coconut-Girl Aesthetic

"Coconut Girl" Is This Summer's Hottest Aesthetic, and It's Equally Nostalgic and Dreamy


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Dare we say that TikTok is the new Vogue? Since the app launched, it's been home to countless (and we mean countless) new trends, ranging from style to food and everything in between. On the fashion and overall life-vibes front, TikTokers have adapted to cottagecore (hello, dreamy dresses and freshly picked flowers), Y2K, E-girl, grunge girl, Euphoria-inspired statements, VSCO-approved looks, and now . . . drumroll, please . . . the coconut-girl aesthetic. Just in time for summer, TikTokers have completely re-created their wardrobes, rooms, and more to include all things pastel, beachy, glittery, and basically anything from the late '90s and early 2000s. Complete with inspiration from Aquamarine, early-2000s Rihanna, Claire's, Hawaii, and more, this trend is nostalgic, colorful, and cute.

If you are over cottagecore, can't pull off grunge, or just need a new vibe, coconut girl is here to upgrade your summer. Be sure to grab glitter tattoos, pattern-printed bikinis, flower accessories, chunky sandals, blow-up chairs, frozen yogurt, pastel-colored drinks, disposable cameras, and more to re-create this aesthetic. Keep reading to get coconut-girl inspiration from TikTok and Instagram.

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