Why Are These Halloween Yoga Skeletons From Michaels More Flexible Than I Am?

When we think of Halloween, we think spooky ghosts, haunted houses, and of course, tons of candy, but the new decorations at Michaels are proving Halloween can be incredibly zen as well. Insert: yoga skeletons. The superflexible bony structures have hit shelves at the crafts store, and we're obsessed. Each skeleton is $12 and comes in different positions like tree pose, lotus pose, one-legged king pigeon pose, and more. Whether you're a die-hard yogi or simply obsessed with Halloween decor, run, because these fabulous decorations are going to fly off shelves faster than you can say, "Boo!" Check out photos of shoppers loving the yoga skeletons at Michaels ahead, and get started on your annual Halloween haul ASAP.