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Scariest Haunted Houses in the World

These Are the 21 Scariest Haunted Houses in the World, So Enter If You Dare

Scariest Haunted Houses in the World

While some haunted houses are accused of being silly and unconvincing — with lackluster acting, splatters of fake blood, and hokey monsters — others offer the reality of a bone-chilling experience. Every year, popular haunted houses seem to go one step further to truly terrify people, and every year, more and more people are up for the challenge. We scoured every corner of the globe to find the very best ones, and there are a lot.

From haunted hospitals with tormented pasts, to theatrical labyrinths of terror, to lavish estates with cryptic tales of supernatural occurrences, all of these will send a cold shiver down your spine. Some even invite (or challenge) you to dine and stay overnight. So, whether you're a ghost hunter chanting for the arrival of a spirit or simply a junkie for a frightful encounter, the following list offers just what you're in the mood to summon, but only if you dare.

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