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Portuguese Baby Names

50 Stunning Portuguese Baby Names to Consider

Congratulations you're having a baby! Now it's time to pick a name, right? If you're from Brazil or simply want to pay homage to the Latin country that has given us countless soccer stars and supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, read on to discover our list of 50 beautiful Portuguese baby names so good it'll be hard to pick just one. When you're done, take a scroll through some literature-inspired ideas in Spanish.

Girl Names

  1. Alícia
  2. Antônia
  3. Bárbara
  4. Betina
  5. Bruna
  6. Camila
  7. Cecília
  8. Daniela
  9. Débora
  10. Eduarda
  11. Eloá
  12. Heloísa
  13. Isadora
  14. Júlia
  15. Laís
  16. Lívia
  17. Luana
  18. Pietra
  19. Maitê
  20. Malu
  21. Milena
  22. Neves
  23. Olívia
  24. Renata
  25. Vitória

Boy Names

  1. Antônio
  2. Breno
  3. Caio
  4. Calebe
  5. Cauã
  6. Danilo
  7. Diogo
  8. Guilherme
  9. Heitor
  10. Henrique
  11. Iago
  12. Igor
  13. Josué
  14. Kaíque
  15. Luan
  16. Matheus
  17. Murilo
  18. Nicolau
  19. Pietro
  20. Renato
  21. Sebastiao
  22. Tiago
  23. Tristao
  24. Vítor
  25. Willian
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kate Schweitzer
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