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Struggles of Latinas Who Don't Speak Spanish

10 Struggles Latinx Who Don't Speak Spanish Will Relate to a Little Too Hard

Struggles of Latinas Who Don't Speak Spanish
Image Source: Everett Collection

Some people find it pretty hard to believe (ahem, perhaps a little too hard to believe) that some millenial Latinx don't fully speak Spanish, but we know better — and so do the creators of shows like Jane the Virgin and One Day at a Time, who make an effort to represent all Latinx, not just those fluent in a second language.

Whether you're a Latinx who just didn't pick up Spanish easily or your parents chose not to teach you the language, chances are you face a few awkward situations. From suddenly being lost in a conversation to constantly dealing with unsolicited comments on why you should have learned Spanish , sometimes all you can do is shrug and laugh. Here are 10 struggles you're sure to relate to if you fall into this camp.

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