These Are the Most Dramatic and Memorable Telenovela Wedding Scenes

You might have to wait months and months before the main love interests in a novela finally get together and decide to tie the knot, but your patience is always well rewarded with a stunning, impressive, huge wedding with its share of drama and tears.

The scenes end up being the perfect mix of puffy dresses and intense makeup, villains plotting revenge, heroines feeling redeemed, and solemn looks from everyone in attendance. We dare to say telenovela weddings are usually the most emotional peak of the story, eliciting either shock, happiness, or laughter from the viewer — seriously, some are just plain ridiculous. Keep scrolling to see just a few examples of the craziness that ensues once a wedding is planned in a novela, then check out the most memorable theme songs.

Additional reporting by Celia Fernandez

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Soy Tu Dueña

There was major drama at the wedding of Lucero and Fernando Colunga's characters in this telenovela. As the couple finishes their vows and mariachis play, a gunshot is heard.

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A Que No Me Dejas

The wedding between Paulina and Adrian was a long time coming at this point. The theme song of the novela playing at the most poignant moments makes this scene slightly funny.

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Gata Salvaje

There's basically no dialogue in this wedding scene, but it's really not needed — the visual effects of the scene do all the talking we need. Also, please note Mario Cimmaro's hair.

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Maria la del Barrio

The wedding scene seen all around the world! We were all cheering for Maria. Thalia and Fernando Colunga were an epic novela couple! Check out the wedding cake topper.

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Destilando Amor

This telenovela kept us on an emotional rollercoaster, but man was it worth it when we got to see Angelica Rivera and Eduardo Yáñez say "I do."

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La Fea Más Bella

This wedding touched our hearts as it reminded us that what matters in any relationship is what's under the looks. But also, there was a parade — yes, a parade! — after the wedding scene was shot.

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La Madrastra

Sharing a wedding may not sound like a great IRL idea, but man does it work when Victoria Ruffo and César Évora are at the helm.

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La Que No Podía Amar

Paula cancels her wedding with Rogelio as it's happening and lets all of her guests know that she is going to leave to never return.

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Amores Verdaderos

Nikki gets all the way to the altar, but there she confesses to her fiancé that she's not in love with him. To her surprise, he feels the same way.

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Cuidado Con el Ángel

After two failed attempts, Juan Miguel and Marichuy are finally able to walk down the aisle, but will something else stop them?

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On the day of Alejandro and Sonia's wedding, Rubí comes swooping in to try to stop their wedding. She was in for a rude awakening.

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Franco and Valeria are at the altar getting ready to say "I do" when she decides to get revenge on him for leaving her years earlier.