Your First Look at the Premiere Episode of Disney Channel's Elena of Avalor

If you can't wait to see Disney's first-ever Latina princess in action, it's officially time to get excited, because we have a first look at the premiere episode of her highly anticipated Disney Channel show, Elena of Avalor, premiering tonight at 7 p.m. EDT on Disney Channel.

With dialogue reminiscent of many Hispanic-American homes — complete with accents and hints of Spanglish sprinkled throughout — the clip features an exciting peek at the royal family's dynamic, including introductions to the show's key characters like Elena's sister, Isabel, her grandparents, Francisco and Luisa, and her (dare we say evil?) cousin, Chancellor, as well as the turmoil to come after Elena discovers the totally unfair reason she isn't allowed to become queen. Ah, the suspense!

Once you've watched and rewatched the tension-building moment, be sure to set your DVR for the show's premiere. Then, check out all the supercool Elena merchandise you'll want to add to your cart, stat.

Image Source: Disney

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