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Easy Tips for Moms to Enjoy Me Time Every Morning

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Before you jump into the hectic morning juggle, taking some quiet time for yourself can make a big difference. And you don't need 30 minutes of sun salutations to recharge and set the mood for the day; there are some easy little habits you can include in your morning plan that will make you feel energized and ready to tackle your to-do list. Watch Claudia Candelas, a businesswoman, podcast host, and mom of two, share the simple ways in which she treats herself to 10 minutes of me time before the morning madness every day. From taking a few deep breaths outside while watching the trees around her to enjoying her belVita Breakfast Biscuits and coffee by herself, click play on the video above to see how Claudia does it.

We've partnered with belVita to share real-life hacks from Latinx moms to carve quality me-time in their morning routine.