These Illustrations of Disney Princesses Going to the Doctor Without Obamacare Are Too Real

Maritza Lugo
Maritza Lugo

Belle, Ariel, and Elena of Avalor are all dealing with the effects of a world without Obamacare in these illustrations created by a duo of creative Latinas, illustrator Maritza Lugo and writer Danielle Sepulveres.

With the fate of the Affordable Care Act (popularly known as Obamacare) still up in the air, Maritza and Danielle decided to use everyone's favorite princesses to show off the devastating implications that the repeal will have for millions of Americans — specifically women.

"At the end of 2015, I contacted Maritza and asked if she'd be interested in drawing re-imagined Disney princesses to bring awareness for cervical cancer awareness month," Danielle told us via email. "This year, we decided to revamp that project and brainstormed how we could be most effective in showing the consequences of the repeal of ACA, looming ominously over essential healthcare for women." The results: Pocahontas being denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, Belle having to pay for a new birth control prescription, and Elena facing protestors outside of Planned Parenthood. Scroll ahead to see the poignant illustrations and read what Maritza said about each of them on Instagram.

"In revamping [Danielle Sepulveres'] and my Disney Princess goes to the gyno series, we had to think about a lot of things. Firstly, it's the GOP's war on women," Maritza said about this drawing of Latina Princess Elena of Avalor. "America has always been a refuge for those seeking a better life for them and theirs. America would not and could not be great without its 'outsiders.' America has always been great for white cis males and it's time it was great for everyone who's [sic] sweat, blood, and tears have created this nation."

Maritza Lugo

"Belle was super happy to get birth control. As someone who was dependent on it, finding out she was denied her refill will only make Belle's life a little harder. Birth control helps women in so many ways and it isn't just for preventing pregnancy," Mariza said on the Instagram caption accompanying this illustration. "No-copay birth control was a hallmark of ACA, allowing 55 million women to have more control over their bodies. Now insurance companies would no longer be required to cover contraceptives, and pregnancy would be considered a 'pre-existing condition.'"

"Millions of Americans like you and I depend on the ACA [. . .] Please call your representatives. Don't sit on the sidelines," Maritza said of this illustration of Ariel from The Little Mermaid making a call.

"This year, there's an even bigger issue at hand. And that's Trump's overall attitude towards vaccines," Maritza said on Instragram of this illustration of Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. "Trump's most recent claim is that there will be a better replacement to ACA which will be less expensive and available to everyone. Details of such a wonderful concept? There are none except the phrase that Americans will be 'beautifully covered.' This sounds like what Beyoncé would describe as a 'sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare' and we're guessing it's not the sweet dream."

"So today's illustration has to do with family planning and how we're afraid it could be affected by this new administration, based on people like Mike Pence, Dan Coats, and honestly the entirety of the Texas GOP. Also considering that it's Jasmine and Aladdin looking for some family planning? Here's hoping they don't have to deal with Trumps Muslim registry first," Maritza captioned this image.

"Beyond the troubling issue of what the future holds for the pipeline is healthcare overall for Native American groups. Did you know that they are not allocated the same level of federal health care as other people? But it's likely to expect that Trump will parade into this unique area of health care like John Smith, plundering and damaging all the way through," Maritza said of this image of Pocahontas on Instagram.