Just Some Photos of J Lo and ARod on Instagram Live Like a Pair of Millennials

While Jennifer Lopez is busy filming season three of her hit NBC show Shades of Blue, her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez is close by, taking any opportunity to spend a few minutes with her love. This week's chosen date-night activity: an Instagram live, where ARod made Jennifer laugh and showed her off to her #JLovers.

After being apart for a couple of days, the baseball player and talented star are back in the same city and ready for action. The two were photographed with their phone on selfie mode, creating content for their feeds. It was actually supercute, and we can't stand it.

In one of the photos ahead, you can see Jennifer sitting on Alex's lap, both of them with smiles from ear to ear. It's clear they are smitten with one another. We need to find us someone that will make us have as much fun as these two do.