7 Latinx-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas Made For Best Friends

When Halloween comes around, we all know you'd much rather make a dash for the crafts store than a costume shop — it's just so much fun to go the do-it-yourself route! And what's better than DIYing a costume solo? Partnering up with a close friend (or significant other) for an unforgettable costume.

Whether it's an easily recognizable pop culture duo or something cute and fun like a couple of La Lotería cards, you'll have so much fun pairing up with someone this year.

Maritza and Flaca

This Orange Is the New Black duo, played by real-life friends Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero, is the definition of friendship. All you need are light brown scrubs, a long dark wig, and, of course, painted-on teardrops for Flaca.

Cholula and Tapatío

Pick your favorite hot sauce and find everything else you need in your closet. DIY your red and white signs!

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Who says you have to be coupled up to go as Frida and Diego? Diego's outfit can be pretty standard, so long as it includes a signature homemade palette. As for Frida, you will win all the kudos with the perfect skirt, a flower crown, and drawn-in Frida brows.


Because nobody ever eats just one taco, this is one that you have to do as a duo at the very least. If you don't have fabric on hand, you can go the Styrofoam route for the taco shells, add a long red top for the meat, and glue on green and orange paper strips for toppings like cheese and lettuce.

La Lotería Cards

How cute and creative is this ensemble of La Lotería cards? Grab a friend (or two or three), choose your card, and paint it on a poster board or canvas with a cutout for your head or body. Bonus points if your matching outfit peeks out, like La Chalupa does here.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Show your love for the spicy snack by covering your body in orange-died cotton and carrying a bag of your favorite snack for extra clarity.

El Chavo y La Chilindrina

The nonmillennials at your party will go crazy for your creativity when they see you show up in the 1970s sitcom friends from El Chavo del Ocho. El Chavo must wear a striped shirt, suspenders to one side, and baggy shorts. La Chilindrina must wear her hair in pigtails and a red cardigan.