You'll Scare the F*ck Out of Everyone With These La Llorona Halloween Costumes

This is the Halloween costume that will scare the heck out of everyone who sees you on Oct. 31. Re-creating the haunting legendary ghost from Latin American folklore known as La Llorona or the weeping woman will surely lead to a few screams when you open the door for trick-or-treaters or show up at your friend's Halloween party.

Copying La Llorona's spooky look will require a lot of makeup and face paint, but you fortunately don't need to have a ton of artistic skill to nail a version of the ghostly costume.

For this look, contour your face with black eye shadow to give it a skeletal look, adding more of the dark color to your eyes and brows. Then, apply a dark red lipstick and use an eyeliner pencil to draw fake stitching around your mouth. Finish with a few of La Llorona's signature tears in white and light blue. A floral headdress will complete the look.

For a unique (and less scary) take on this classic urban legend, try going as a hybrid of Roy Lichtenstein's Crying Girl painting (La Llorona; get it?) and a zombie. Paint half of your face lime green, and on the other half re-create pop art's classic white polka dots, with Crying Girl's dark eye makeup and a large light blue teardrop.

For a classically spooky look, go hard on the transluscent white powder, apply a wash of black lipstick over balm, smear eyes, brows, and undereyes with liner and mascara, then add a touch of sparkle.

If you truly want to scare the heck out of everyone and are brave enough for fake contact lenses, try some solid white ones with red eyeliner on your lower waterlines. Plenty of white face paint and thin dark tear lines complete this look, along with a white dress and veil.

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Make La Llorona extra creepy by creating blood tears, like in this tutorial. As the artist suggests, add an extra scary effect by wearing a long white dress with fake blood or red paint smeared on it.

If you're counting on scaring as many people as possible on Halloween night, a painted bloody eye is what makes this frightful La Llorona look.

For a modern take on this classic character, wear a white blonde wig and black hat, apply your favorite burgundy matte lipstick, and add dark, bloody teardrops.

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If you're dedicated to Halloween, paint your shoulders, neck, and face to create this "weeping bride look." Follow this tutorial for the intricate makeup job, complete with detailed teardrops.

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Grab some white face paint, lots of black eyeliner, and a creepy white hoodie, and you'll have all the basics for this insanely scary tutorial.