9 Last-Minute Halloween DIYs That Will Still Win the "Best Costume" Prize

While some may be all about Halloween months in advance, it's more than alright if you're all about last-minute planning and sifting through your closet in search of inspiration. The reality is just because you have a last-minute Halloween costume doesn't mean it's not going to be Instagram-worthy! For proof, we pulled together nine ideas that can be ready in mere minutes and still deliver.


Selena Quintanilla

Selena is literally everyone's favorite, and you can't go wrong with a bedazzled bra, amazing makeup, and a bit of sway.


Orange Is the New Black Cast

Channel your best Flaca and Maritza with this OITNB costume. All you need are tan on tan on tan and lots of personality, and you're good to go.



When all else fails, a piñata will always come to the rescue. Just buy one, cut a hole, and wiggle your body into it.


Frida Kahlo

Let your eyebrow pencil run a bit rampant to give you the perfect Frida unibrow, add some floral attire, and you're good to go.


La Llorona

It's all about a long dark dress and ghostly makeup to get that full-effect La Llorona look.


La Chilindrina

A Peter Pan-collared dress, painted-on freckles, and pigtails will bring your childhood to life.


A Soccer Player

Dig out your favorite player's jersey, your most worn-in pair of jeans, and sneakers.


J Lo

All hail J Lo's ever-iconic looks. White jeans, a white bandana, and a white tank top will make you look (and probably feel) like the queen herself.