Easy Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For Every Type of Party

The spooky season is a busy time of year for folks of all ages. With all the Halloween parties, festive dinners, and seasonal events going on (pumpkin-patch visits, haunted houses, oh my), there's a lot to see and do. So if you waited until the last possible moment to put your Halloween costume together, join the club — but don't panic.

Just because you're short on time doesn't mean your last-minute Halloween costume can't be fun or impressive. Whether you're looking for a quick DIY costume to make for the yearly office party, an outfit inspired by pop culture for a get-together with friends, a simple couple's costume that takes little thought, or a quick get-up you can scrape together before trick-or-treating, we've got you covered. From punny costumes like candy (w)rappers to classic ideas like '80s workout clothes and the standard assorted animal ears, there's no shortage of ways to find an easy last-minute costume for Halloween.

And just because you opt for easy doesn't mean your costume has to be boring or expensive. We've created a list of creative costumes you can put together in minutes without the added stress of having to shop for obscure items or make your own bulky props. Most of these last-minute Halloween costumes can be created with items you already have in your home. Ready to be inspired?

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Lauren Harano, and Melissa Santoyo



You definitely won't scare anyone with this last-minute costume. Wear a plaid top, jeans, and a sunhat, and paint your face to complete the look.


'80s Exerciser

Sweatbands, bright colors, leg warmers — why not? Dress as an '80s workout-goer for an easy last-minute costume you can wear to a party or even to the gym.



Make unicorn horns by rolling up a piece of paper to make a cone. Wear pastels or white, and you have your unicorn costume!


Zombify Last Year's Halloween costume

Whatever costume you used last year, just zombify it! From zombie Belle and the Beast to a zombie roller skater, the possibilities are endless.


American Tourists

Floral outfits, fanny packs, Hawaiian necklaces, oh my. To level up this last-minute costume, carry around an instant camera and sip on a fruity, tropical drink.



Think of a Barbie costume like an excuse to wear all the neon clothes in your closet at once — just don't forget the platinum blond wig.



Geek out this Halloween with taped glasses, suspenders, a bow tie, and high-waisted pants.


Risky Business

Probably the easiest last-minute costume ever, just throw on a pair of shades and wear a white, collared button-down shirt.


Minnie Mouse

Add the magic of Disney to your Halloween by dressing up as Minnie Mouse. If you have a red polka-dot shirt, throw that on and add mouse ears. DIY them with a headband, or if you have a pair from Disneyland or Disney World, those work, too.


Chip on Your Shoulder

You can forgive, but sometimes you just can't forget. If you have a chip on your shoulder, all you have to do is tape a bag of chips to your shoulder. Easy, funny, and creative, right?


The Child From "The Mandalorian"

If Baby Yoda stole your heart, then this last-minute Halloween costume is for you. Wear an olive-green or light-brown dress or jacket, pull your hair back into tight buns to re-create his pointy ears, and look as cute as can be. Feel free to experiment with green makeup, too!


Casual Cinderella

Imagine this Disney princess left her shoe on the stairs to the . . . nightclub? For this last-minute Halloween costume, any blue dress and matching headband would work. Alternatively, if you want a more cozy look, a baby-blue shirt or sweater, black choker, and small tiara are the key pieces needed. After midnight, throw on your coziest pair of sweats and slippers, and accessorize with a broom or small white pumpkin.


Dunkin' Donuts

Your best athleticwear and an inflatable pool float — or you can make the doughnut yourself, if you have time — take this easy Halloween costume from funny to punny.


Spoiled Milk

No one likes spoiled milk unless it looks like this. All you need is an all-white outfit that says "milk" on the front paired with an expensive shopping bag or two, and you'll look the part for this last-minute costume.


McCormick Spice Girls

Everyone loves their spices! Spice up your Halloween by dressing as your favorite McCormick spice. All you need is a red apron and a printed picture of your favorite spice to make it come to life.



Nothing's sweeter than this easy last-minute Halloween costume! Wear a brown dress and attach a piece of paper with the Snickers logo to the front of it. Carry around a bag of chocolate to make this costume really fun for everyone at the party.


Smarty Pants

This quick Halloween costume is easy and clever. Dress up in geek chic, and then stick on a bunch of Smarties rolls.


Gabriella From "Brink!"

Grab your skating gear! If you have roller blades and knee pads, you're already practically Gabriella. Throw on a helmet for good measure (and to keep you safe!).


Flower Child

Dig in your closet to find a boho top and flared pants, then top it all off with a crown of flowers (real or faux). Tada! You have a flower-child outfit.


Velma Dinkley From "Scooby-Doo"

If "Scooby-Doo"'s Velma Dinkley was brought to life, this is exactly what she'd look like. All you need for this last-minute costume is a pair of glasses, a red skirt, and an orange top and knee-highs.


Candy (W)rapper

Channel your inner rap star and dress as a punny candy wrapper this Halloween.


It's Raining Men

It's raining men, hallelujah! Complete this DIY costume by picking up an umbrella and printing out pictures of men. Top it off with a rain jacket and rain boots, and you're good to go!



Beetlejuice is one of the most iconic villains, and luckily, he makes for an easy last-minute Halloween costume. If you have a green wig, you're more than halfway done! Put on purple, black, and green face makeup, and complete your look with a black-and-white striped shirt.


When Life Gives You Lemons

You know how the saying goes: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! To conjure up this punny costume, make or buy a shirt that says "life" on it, pick up a bag of lemons, and you're good to go.



When in doubt, a great last-minute Halloween costume is to be tired! Simply grab a bathrobe and pillow from your bed and wear it out this spooky season. You'll love how comfortable it is.


Bo Peep From "Toy Story 4"

A blue dress or pantsuit, a large sunhat or pink bow, and a little sheep accessory will make this cute, last-minute Halloween costume come to life. Just grab Woody and Buzz!


Social Butterfly

If you've been called a social butterfly once or twice before, this costume should be a piece of cake! Dress as a butterfly, attach logos of all your most-visited social media platforms, and chitchat the night away!


A Blessing in Disguise

Cute, creative, and oh so easy, dressing up as a blessing in disguise is a blessed costume indeed. Go undercover by wearing a hat and fake mustache, and you can either find a shirt that says "blessing" on it or make your own.


Wednesday Addams

For one of the most straightforward last-minute Halloween costumes, take on Wednesday's gothic style with a black dress, a white collar, two braids, and her trademark dead-eyed stare.


Killer Housewife

Here's a last-minute Halloween costume that incorporates clothing you probably already have. Throw on a dress, an apron, and some pearls, and you'll be the spitting image of a typical 1950s housewife. You can add rubber gloves and a sponge for good measure.


Elliot From "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial"

Easy and simple, all you need to be Elliot from "E.T." is a red zip-up jacket, a bike, and a towel. (Bonus points if you have a fur baby willing to play E.T.) The sky is the limit here!



Classic and traditional, you can't go wrong when you dress up as a witch. There are countless ways to create a witch costume, but a black hat is the main accessory, along with alluring makeup and enchanting jewelry. Carry around a spell book for emphasis.


French Toast

A striped top, beret, and slice of real or fake toast go a long way for this last-minute costume.


Kim Possible

Call me, beep me! Disney cartoons usually make for easy last-minute Halloween costumes, but Kim Possible is an especially cool standout. She rocks camo pants with a black long-sleeved shirt, and you can, too. If you're cold, just add a black jacket to your outfit.


Beanie Baby

What a throwback! Pick your animal, then make a Ty tag for this easy last-minute Halloween costume.


Copy Cat

Anyone can wear a pair of cat ears, but only the most clever partygoers see an opportunity for the perfect pun — and the only other thing you need is a handmade paper sign that says "CTRL + C".


Mad Scientist

If you have a white coat and goggles or glasses, consider being a mad scientist. This costume can get as creative as you want it to, so don't be afraid to add some wild makeup to go along with it.


Cat and Dog From "CatDog"

If you were a fan of this animated series, being Cat or Dog is right up your alley. Find a partner and wear orange-and-yellow outfits with cat and dog ears, then let the fun begin.



If you have a black dress and pointy ears, the only thing left that you'll need to be a bat is a makeshift cape. Cut a wing-like design in a blanket or piece of cloth and take on the night!


Bratz Doll

Etch the word "Bratz" into a white T-shirt or tank, cut the top, and throw your hair into a few pigtails to get the true Bratz-doll look. Take it a step further and re-create their glam makeup to complete the costume.


Ariel From "The Little Mermaid"

Who says you need an actual tail to become Ariel? You can get fancy with a creative Ariel costume or opt for something much easier, like this simple green-and-purple outfit.


Cher From "Clueless"

A yellow plaid outfit and sassy attitude will make for an easy "Clueless" outfit. Knee-high white socks and white heels or sneakers will add the finishing touch.


The Big Bad Wolf

If you want to be this "Little Red Riding Hood" character, all you'll need to wear is a fuzzy jacket and brown ears. Draw on a little nose and whiskers and tousle your hair to make it look mischievously messy.


Elle Woods From "Legally Blonde"

Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. A pink blazer or jacket and miniskirt are the key pieces to this look. Pair it with a small purse and pink-tinted shades for the ultimate last-minute Halloween costume.


Morton Salt Girl

Easily one of the most iconic condiment logos, the Morton Salt Girl makes for a fast DIY Halloween costume if you already have a yellow dress at home.



For a fun twist on an animal costume, dress up as a deer! For this last-minute Halloween costume, all you really need is deer makeup, ears, and brown attire.



Travel back to ancient Rome with these impressive costumes! For this get-up, a white dress or T-shirt and shorts work well paired with draped maroon fabric.


John Wick

John Wick fans rejoice! This quick last-minute costume is easy to put together with things you already own. Besides a suit and the traditional Keanu Reeves haircut, all you need is a bit of facial hair (or makeup) to finish off the look.



This costume is paws-itively delightful! Wear clothing with black-and-white polka dots, and draw on some spots and a nose using makeup. You can even fashion a collar using ribbon.


Taylor Swift's "1989" Album Cover

Concerned about your last-minute costume? Just shake it off! This Taylor Swift Halloween costume is easy to replicate and sure to turn heads on Halloween.



If you're scrambling for the perfect get-up in a sea of last-minute costumes, no need to panic. Opt for a classic vampire and make it your own with fun makeup and accessories. The colored contacts are optional, but fangs are a must.


Ashley O From "Black Mirror"

Make a statement with your Halloween costume by dressing up as the "Black Mirror" pop sensation Ashley O.



Batter up! This last-minute costume isn't just easy and fun — it's comfortable, too! Make use of your old sports uniforms or borrow one from a friend.


Party Animal

In a fun twist on the animal-ear costume that doesn't require much more effort, opt to dress up as a "party animal." All you need to do is add a party hat! Your Halloween night is sure to be as wild as you are.


The Brawny Man

For this simple DIY costume, break out a red flannel, carry around a package of paper towels, and you're done! For an added touch, you can use makeup to re-create the iconic Brawny Man beard.



Steal the show this Halloween with this easy last-minute costume. Wear a striped shirt, black hat, black gloves, and add a big dollar sign to your laundry bag or a duffel.


Rosie the Riveter

For this iconic DIY costume, all you really need are two items: a blue or denim collared shirt, and a red bandana. Just re-create Rosie's classic arm pose, and you'll be easily recognized wherever you go on Halloween night.


Star-Lord From "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Though Marvel has a lot of cool characters to choose from, Star-Lord is certainly one of the easier ones to re-create. For this last minute Halloween costume, all you really need is his classic red leather jacket, a pair of jeans, and a gray shirt.


Dustin From "Stranger Things"

Bring the magic of "Stranger Things" to life this Halloween by dressing up as one of the iconic Hawkins kids, Dustin! With his signature hat, this look is sure to turn heads.


Identity Theft

For a pun costume that's just too clever — and easy — dress up as a visual representation of identity theft using sticker name tags.


Strawberry and Pineapple

For a look that's both colorful and fun, opt to dress up as a fruit. These last-minute Halloween costumes are easy to DIY with homemade head accessories made of paper and oversize T-shirts.


Lady Gaga

Capture Lady Gaga's iconic stage presence this Halloween by dressing up as Mother Monster herself! Though this look requires a pink wig and a few more flamboyant details (in true Gaga style), you can also opt for a more toned-down outfit of hers.



For this DIY costume, the sky's the limit! You can truly make it your own with fun makeup, homemade spider legs, and fake cobwebs. The base of the outfit is relatively simple, with all-black clothes.



This easy last-minute Halloween costume is a great throwback to the 1999 movie. Don some glasses, an outfit that could pass for a school uniform, and pigtails or a red headband.



For a bone-chillingly good costume, dress up as a skeleton! Whether you opt for a cool makeup look like this one or just dress up in skeleton-patterned clothes, you'll look festive either way.


A Whole Snack

For a last-minute Halloween costume that's both clever and confident, dress up as the snack you know you are!