Queen Letizia Just Spiced Up Her Outfit With Pops of 1 Bold Color

If there's one thing any fan of white pants knows to be true — besides the fact that they will probably (read: definitely) get dirty — it's that the effortlessly chic wardrobe essential is like a blank outfit canvas, easily elevated by bursts of color. And Queen Letizia of Spain just proved it.

The Spanish royal caught our eye on Sept. 9 at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid when she wore her trusty high-waisted pale slacks while tending to her duties, pairing the sleek bottoms with a tucked-in red patterned blouse and matching strappy heels. The best part? Even her toes were painted a ruby hue! See more pictures of Queen Letizia artfully demonstrating how to add color to your work wardrobe. Then, look through her enviable style evolution.