35 Perfect Occasions For Soraya Montenegro's "Crying in Spanish" Meme

The "cries in Spanish" meme isn't new, but it's still everyone's favorite way to respond to a text or email because it truly applies to almost all scenarios in your life. Whether it's something serious (where you just need to cry a little more dramatically) or something funny (when you're sarcastically crying), we can all admit that if we can't immediately copy and paste the meme, all we want to do is copy María la del Barrio's Soraya Montenegro's face and cry in Spanish IRL. Keep reading to see just 35 situations when this meme is the only way to react.

  1. When you run out of tequila while making margaritas. The struggle is so real — once you start, there's no stopping the process.
  2. When your abuela forgets to make your favorite dish when you are going over to her house. You know that you have been waiting for that flan or arroz con guandules for a while, so the feeling of disappointment is overwhelming.
  3. When your mom tells you to go get her chancla. No matter how tough you try to act, she sees right through it.
  4. When your significant others tells you they ran out of hot sauce. They should know better and always have that stocked up.
  5. You spill some guacamole on the floor and realize the five-second rule doesn't apply. Every bite counts and when that one goes down, you feel it to your core.
  6. When your mom tells you that you need to change your clothes because no daughter of hers is leaving the house like that. Part of you wants to say something disrespectful, but you know better, so instead you cry inside.
  7. When you go to Sephora to buy one thing and end up blowing your entire paycheck. There is never a such thing as just getting one thing because the aisle of doom always gets you.
  8. When you spent $100 on a mani and pedi and mess up a nail as soon as you walk of the salon. This is the worst that could ever happen to any human!
  9. When you find out your partner cheated on you. It hurts so bad . . . or does it? They will never know if you cry in Spanish.
  10. When you want to call in sick at work, but can't because you don't have any paid days off left. This is a disaster.
  11. When a hairstylist messes up your haircut and you are in shock. When you step out of the salon, you are Soraya.
  12. When you have to decide between buying a nice bag or paying rent on time. The decision can be really hard sometimes.
  13. When you accidentally delete all of Jennifer Lopez's music from your phone. This is something that should never happen! Ever!
  14. When someone asks you who Selena was. What follows next is a palm to your own face in astonishment and a good cry.
  15. When you think about how hard it is to be you. Some people will just never understand.
  16. When you go in your pantry for your favorite chips only to realize that your roommate ate them all. They were labeled for a reason.
  17. When you have Champagne taste on a beer budget. Just keep it real with yourself.
POP Aesthete
  1. When you have to decide if you're going to make it rain in the club or in the grocery store. To spend your money on alcohol or groceries? Decisions, decisions.
  2. When you redo your selfies with your bestie like a million times and she chooses the wrong one to post. There was a reason you retook them in the first place.
  3. When you're bilingual and keep forgetting words in both languages. It's hard being smart.
  4. When you find out your SO binged on Netflix without you. They should know better than to try and sneak it past you.
  5. When you are the only one of your friends who hasn't watched Game of Thrones. And that's all they'll talk about at happy hour.
  6. When you realize your mom used your new lipstick before you got a chance to actually use it. Cry on the inside and just give it to her.
  7. When you are the only one of your friends who isn't in a relationship. You must admit you feel alone at times.
  8. When you message someone on Bumble and you never hear back. If you took the time, shouldn't they do it too?
  9. When your partner doesn't text you back even though it says they read your text. They better know that text has a shelf life before you explode.
  10. When avocado prices go up. Why does this keep happening?
  11. When your phone is about to die and you don't have a charger. That's the ultimate burn.
  12. When you realize that you ate your last piece of cake the night before. Sometimes your mind plays the worst kinds of tricks on you.
  13. When you go to the salon to get a blowout and it's pouring rain by the time you leave. Does Mother Nature not know how long you were in the salon for?
  14. When someone says that Justin Bieber's version of "Despacito" is better than the original. Let's not forget who was popping before.
  15. When you find out that your favorite celebrity couple just broke up. Does love even exist anymore?
  16. When you realize your little brother isn't going to take your crap anymore. He's all grown up now, so you better watch out.
  17. When you turn your whites pink because you don't know how to do laundry. Why do bad things happen to nice people!? WHY?!
  18. When your mom gets a peek at your report card/checking account before you get a chance to prep her. Start weeping, now.