Watch the Cuteness That Is Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato on Barney & Friends

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When Demi Lovato tweeted at Selena Gomez about her song "Fetish" and coming a long way since being on Barney & Friends, our hearts almost skipped a beat. It made us reminisce about that time back in 2001 when the two first met on the set of the hit kids show, which filmed in their native Texas.

There's one particular segment we remembered from the show, where Selena and Demi sing about being in a band and playing different instruments. Back then, as they jump around with the purple dinosaur, the former best friends perhaps didn't imagine that eventually they'd make their dreams of being in the music industry come true. Check out the throwback video above to see 9-year-old Demi and Selena.