7 Photos That'll Inspire You to Be Selena on Halloween

Some see Halloween as a night to don scary costumes, while others prefer to use the occasion to live the night as one of their idols. When it comes to heroines, we can't think of a better person to channel than Selena Quintanilla.

Of course, you don't want the costume to feel, well, costume-y. You want your look to embody everything Selena stood for: strength, beauty, talent, confidence, kindness, brains — the whole package. Who better to provide tips, and inspire your clothes and makeup than those fans who have already done it well? Scroll ahead for 7 Instagram users who dressed up as Selena in Halloweens past and totally nailed it.

If your eyebrows are the first thing someone compliments when they check out your makeup, you've been basically preparing to channel Selena without even knowing it. None of her looks are complete without expressive and well-defined brows — and that hard-to-miss red lip. Add to your on-point makeup a white shirt tied around your waist with black high-waisted pants and you're set.

That one-piece sequined jumper you keep seeing at H&M has been calling your name and it's ready to be yours, especially if you're planning on living out one of Selena's most iconic looks this Halloween. Pair the one-piece with a long wig and some bangs to complete the look.

It's all in the details when it comes to paying homage to your favorite singer. Carry a toy microphone around and break into your favorite Selena song any time someone asks who you are for Halloween.

All the praise-hand emoji for the outfit that lets you rock the white button up that's been collecting dust in your closet with your go-to leather jacket. Carry a rose around and you're as "Como La Flor" as you can get.

If you've ever wanted to take on Halloween as a group, this is your chance. Be the Selena to your Los Dinos. Take on one of her most iconic looks with an unbuttoned white top over a bedazzled bra, and have your friends embrace the flannel look Los Dinos loved to wear on and off stage.

A little bit goes a long way, especially when it comes to showing skin in this body-hugging Selena-inspired look. A sleek and high bun will be the cherry on top.

Take "Como La Flor" to the next level by incorporating small rose details into your bustier and black leggings. Put your hair up in a voluminous bun and you're good to go.