24 Small Spanish Tattoos That Are Easy to Hide

Tattoos make a memory permanent. Whether it's someone's name, a face, or just a word (or a quote) that you consider to be your mantra, as long as you are happy with it, that's all that matters. If you are looking for inspiration for your next ink and want to get something small, then we've got you covered — quite literally. These cute and easy-to-hide (from your Latina mom) tattoos carry meaningful messages and will have you making an appointment at the parlor right away.


Translation: Nothing


Translation: Little stain

Se Hace Puentes Al Andar

Translation: Bridges are made wondering

Para ser más

Translation: To be more

A veces, para siempre es solo un segundo

Translation: Sometimes, forever is only a second

El jefe

Translation: The boss

Ámate a tí mismo

Translation: Love yourself

Ojalá me quieras libre

Translation: Hopefully, you'll want me free

El poeta es Dios

Translation: The poet is God

Las montañas

Translation: The mountains

Todo ya se desvanecio

Translation: Everything is already dispelled

El viaje nunca termina

Translation: The trip never ends

No todos lo que vagan están perdidos

Translation: Not all those that are wondering are lost


Translation: Courage

Hasta las estrellas

Translation: Until the stars

Aqui, ahora, este momento

Translation: Here, now, this moment


Translation: Family

Para siempre en mi corazón

Translation: Forever in my heart


Translation: Strong

Todos tenemos cicatrices, todo tenemos historias

Translation: We all have scars, we all have stories

Eres mi niña bonita

Translation: You are my pretty girl