Your Taste Buds Will FLIP After 1 Sip of These Spicy-Mango-Topped Juices

Fancy juice has long been a trendy drink of choice, but one shop in particular is giving their beverages a much-needed, spicy upgrade that's making our mouths water. Green Crush is an innovative joint that doles out tantalizing juices topped with the most Instagram-worthy mango flowers. But they're not just any mango flowers — they're dipped in chamoy (that popular savory Mexican condiment) and sprinkled with chile powder, just how we like it. Talk about a two-in-one midday treat!

With a handful of locations throughout Las Vegas and California, Green Crush has been tantalizing the taste buds of its flavor-seeking customers for quite some time now, but this mango-picante topping seems to be a relatively new addition to the menu. If spicy fruits don't tickle your fancy, the shop serves up various juice flavors that taste great on their own, from cucumber lime and horchata to guava hibiscus and kiwi. Ahead, scope out the gloriousness of Green Crush's spicy-mango drinks, and try not to drool all over yourself while doing so.