12 Makeup and Hair Tutorials That Will Get You Through the Summer Beautifully

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio

With the Summer heat comes a new set of beauty woes: how to wear makeup without it melting off your face, updos that won't make you look disheveled, and waterproof tricks that will survive both sweat and the beach. To save you from wading your way through thousands of YouTube videos, we rounded up the best from some of our favorite Latina beauty bloggers. These are gold!

Additional reporting by Celia Fernandez

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Embrace Your Natural Waves

Latina beauty star Dulce Candy's YouTube channel is one of our favorite destinations for beauty tutorials. One of our favorites is this easy, breezy approach to rocking your natural waves in the summertime — no damaging straightening or curling irons required. Plus, she shares her own journey toward embracing her frizz and curls in their natural state.

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Keep Your Summer Makeup Light and Natural

The Summer is not the time to cake on the foundation, concealer, and other products — which is why we love Camila Coelho's tips on how to rock a fresh face that's lightweight.

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Get Ready For the Beach

Have you ever been headed to the beach feeling frumpy because you're afraid to do any hair or makeup that will get messed up by water, sand, and wind? No worries, readers: Sonia Castaneda to the rescue! She offers up an easy braided beach hairstyle, a waterproof mascara look, and a quick illuminator touch-up.

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Rock a Cool-Down Topknot, Plus a Shimmery Eye

Desi Perkins gave us two tutorials in one: a topknot to keep your hair off your neck for those hot and sweaty months (she has a must-watch trick for getting the perfect knot), plus a shimmery golden look that will work day to night.

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Get Inspired With Bright Nail Shades

Even if you don't speak Spanish, YouTube star Yuya's videos are high energy and irresistible. This one in particular gave us a couple of bright nail art ideas that are perfect for summertime parties — or when you just want to add a quick bright element to your look.

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Learn 6 Easy Curly Hairstyles

Curly girls know that switching things up when you have thick, ringletted hair can get difficult. But SunKissAlba has dozens of curly hair tutorials with endless ideas, including these six. We'll be rocking all of them for as long as the temperatures are up!

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Perfect Your Summer Date-Night Makeup

If you want to spice things up a little for a meeting with a new Summer fling, Leslie Alvarado shares this easy, sultry look featuring a sunset-inspired eye. We'll also be stealing her idea to rock a crisp white dress.

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Get Festival-Ready or at Least Be Inspired by Them

This tutorial by Belinda Selene has you covered, from flower crowns and flash tattoos to how to create your own intricate face art (all you need are the eye shadow and eyeliner you already have!). Not hitting up a festival? This works for a fun day at the beach, too.

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Get Glam For a Summer Night

Here Diana Saldana gives us great inspiration for a Summer night out that feels both fresh and glam. She takes you step by step, from the different Urban Decay eye shadows to the lipstick she picks to finish off her look.

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Avoid Frizz With a Dutch Braid

We've been dying to perfect the dutch braid — so we're grateful to Nicole Guerriero for this easy-to-follow tutorial, which we'll be referring to to get our hair frizz-free and looking super cute all season.

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Enhance Your Summer Glow

Speaking of looking sun-kissed: when you want to pick things up a notch to full-on glowy skin that will last through the night, Roxette Arisa has a great tutorial that starts with primer and includes a subtle shimmery eye, highlighter, concealer, and more.

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Tan — Without Lying in the Sun!

We all want to look sun-kissed, yet we know baking in the sun is bad for us. Ta da! Melissa Flores is back at it again, this time with an easy way to get a sunless tan that will look natural.