3 Delicious Wedding Cake Trends Your Taste Buds Will Appreciate

Whether you're planning a wedding or will be attending one soon, chances are one thing is on your mind: the cake. Well, brace yourself, because the postnuptial tradition has just been elevated.

While at Puerto Rico's annual food festival, Saborea, POPSUGAR Latina spoke to Puerto Rico Tourism Company's executive chef Norma Llop about the exciting future of wedding cakes and her take on their new direction. And let's just say figurines atop a fondant-laced creation will soon be a distant memory.

Here, discover the trends you can expect to see.

1. Buttercream

Bid farewell to traditional perfect-looking fondant, because buttercream is taking its place as the wedding cake icing of choice. "Buttercream is lighter, fluffier, and cuter," Norma offered, explaining its rise in popularity. "It's relatively easy. It's not sweet." All these factors add up to one end result: more, please!

Saborea | Joe Colon

2. Naked Cakes

If you'd rather just eat the cake instead of having to nibble your way through a layer of frosting, meet the naked cake. It's completely bare of toppings and totally customizable — everything from the flavor, coloring, and even the actual shape of the cake can be personalized. One pro tip you should follow if you choose to go this way: to create a smooth, crumb-free finish, Norma recommends adding chocolate (or some other kind of moisture-rich ingredient) to the mix.

3. Cheesecakes

Cheesecake fans, rejoice! Now is the time for your favorite dessert to shine. But it doesn't have to be a plain old recipe; consider, for example, spicy cheesecake. To achieve the Latin-inspired take on the classic sweet treat, simply use a peppered cheese instead of the standard creamy variety. It'll add some heat while simultaneously satisfying your postreception dinner cravings.

Saborea | Joe Colon