38 Creative Best-Friend Tattoos You'll Want to Get ASAP

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If your best friend is truly your soulmate, there's a good chance the two of you have talked about everything under the sun. Breakups, makeups, families, relationships, friendships — you've probably covered it all. Because you're such good friends, you've probably also talked about different ways you could commemorate your friendship. Matching piercings or friendship bracelets are a couple of ideas that come to mind first, but if you want something more permanent, we bet the idea of getting best-friend tattoos has come up at least once or twice.

If you two are actually ready to take the plunge, or you're just poking around for inspiration, we've got you covered. Whether you want simple and sweet friendship tattoos or you're both looking to make a statement with your bestie tattoos, there are countless creative ideas, big and small, that suit every kind of relationship. No matter if you have been friends forever or recently met and just clicked, these inspirational designs will be all the push you need to make your friendship permanent.

Check out the best ideas ahead, including small best-friend tattoos for something subtle, matching best-friend tattoos, and unique best-friend tattoos that are truly outside of the box. Send your favorite one to your BFF immediately.

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Best-Friend Tattoos: Lotus

If you're a fan of fine-line tattoos, you'll love this cute lotus design.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Flowers

Looking for a simple design? A classic flower is the best way to go. Besides, who doesn't love flowers?


Best-Friend Tattoos: Positive Quote

Whether you want to get your favorite saying or something sentimental to signify the friendship, a quote like this "And Yet I Bloom" design is a great idea.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Numbers

If you have a date that is special to you or you're into angel numbers, this mini design is a great choice.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Zodiac Sign

Whether you and your best friend have the same sign or not, it's not a bad idea for matching tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: "I Love You to the Moon and Back"

If you have the type of "soulmate" friendship, show your love for each other with this cute "I love you to the moon and back" saying.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Typewriter Tattoo

While cursive and script tattoos are always beautiful, typewriter tattoos just hit different. Screenshot this pic, choose your word, and book your next appointment.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Initials

Looking for a subtle way to show that you have a true ride-or-die friendship? These finger initial tattoos are it.


Best-Friend Tattoos: "Je T'Aime"

What's cuter than a matching tattoo that says "I love you" with a heart?


Best-Friend Tattoos: Best Friends Till the End

These best-friend tattoos feature crossed fingers and the words "best" and "friend."


Best-Friend Tattoos: Matching Anchors

What makes better bestie tattoos than matching anchors?


Best-Friend Tattoos: Butterflies and Flowers

If you and your best friend love butterflies and flowers, these best-friend tattoos would be perfect for you.


Best-Friend Tattoos: XO

We love this simple XO design for the perfect friendship tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Birth-Month Flowers

We love the idea of getting birth-month flowers as matching friendship tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Dainty Roses

Sticking with the flower theme, tiny roses would make amazing best-friend tattoos if they have a special meaning to you and your friend.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Fly Away

If you're looking for small best-friend tattoos, these tiny airplanes are perfect.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Beating Hearts

Another great idea for small best-friend tattoos is a heart image, with a heart filled in for each person.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Matching Koi Fish

These matching koi fish make such cute best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: To Be Continued

Two ellipses make the perfect small best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Day and Night

If you and your friend are like day and night but complement each other perfectly, this design would make a great meaningful best-friend tattoo.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Waves

Ocean-lovers? These waves make the cutest matching best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Cup of Tea

Are you and your best friend each other's cup of tea? If so, these are the perfect small best-friend tattoos for you.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Detailed Feathers

Birds of a feather flock together, and these matching feathers make such cute best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Adventure Buddies

If you and your friend have a fun memory from an adventure that you want to commemorate, these trees are a great option for matching friendship tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Similar Sunflowers

If you and your bestie are sunflower fans, these matching tats would make the perfect friendship tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: "Friends" Logo

We love a double meaning, and these matching "Friends" friendship tattoos are absolute perfection.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Harry Potter Symbols

We solemnly swear we are up to no good getting matching friendship tattoos with a Harry Potter theme.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Little Hearts

These tiny little hearts make the perfect small best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Avocados

We think these cute little avocados make the perfect small best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Intricate Bees

These detailed bees make the best small best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Shining Stars

If you want similar best-friend tattoos but something that isn't exactly the same, these unique star patterns would be perfect.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Cute Cacti

These cacti best-friend tattoos are similar but still unique, just like you and your bestie.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Complementary Triangles

We love how these complementary triangles are similar but different — the perfect best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Lock and Key

Is your best friend your other half? Then these lock and key images would be such great best-friend tattoos.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Arrows For Always

Is your bestie always pointing you in the right direction? If so, why not consider these arrows as best-friend tattoos?


Best-Friend Tattoos: "I'll Be There For You"

We love a quote tattoo, especially if it's from a song, movie, or show. This one makes such a great small best-friend tattoo.


Best-Friend Tattoos: Sun, Moon, and Stars

If you and your friends are each other's sun, moon, and stars, these would make the best meaningful best-friend tattoos.

Best-Friend Tattoos: Simply Smiling

These tiny smiley faces make the perfect small best-friend tattoos, especially if you always leave each other smiling.

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