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Funny Halloween Costumes | 2022

40+ Funny Halloween Costumes That'll Steal the Show

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We support any and all Halloween costumes, whether you're going for sexy, scary, or silly. But if you're looking for a costume that really stands out and (even better) is easy to pull off last minute, funny costumes are where it's at. Consider this your official permission to show off your sense of humor and rock a funny costume this Halloween.

Of course, it's easy to say you want a funny Halloween costume — a little harder to actually come up with an idea and make it work. That's where we come in. From punny getups to clever costumes with a play on words to pop-culture-related outfits that are sure to make everyone laugh, we've rounded up the best ideas to make it a hilarious Halloween this year. Complete with DIY options and easy last-minute masterpieces, these funny costumes are sure to suit anyone's sense of humor. And don't worry if you have to explain the joke a few times; just think of it as an opportunity to enjoy the reaction you get. Ahead, find haunting and hilarious costumes that will tickle everyone's funny bone this Halloween. No tricks, no treats — just laughs.

Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Lauren Harano, and Maggie Ryan

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