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Middle School Sweethearts Get Engaged

In 6th Grade, They Met When She Accidentally Touched His Butt — Now They're Engaged

Cheyenne Huller vividly remembers the first time she saw Boomer Johnson: on the first day of sixth grade.

She immediately told her friends during lunch how cute "Brendan or Brandon" was, and she learned that he went by Boomer. With that vital information, she did some internet digging and found her official crush's Myspace page. Like all good middle school love stories, a mutual friend intervened and gave her Boomer's number, even though the pair had never spoken.

"That same day after lunch, everyone was walking back to their lockers before their next class. Funny enough, I accidentally hit someone's butt with the back of my hand when I was turning around and it just so happened to be Boomer," Cheyenne shared on Facebook. "Very embarrassed, I quickly said, 'Sorry,' and ran away."


A few days later, Cheyenne had recovered enough from the butt-tapping incident to make the first move and send Boomer a text message. This sparked more than just a digital conversation. The pair began dating through middle school, high school, and college. She wrote:

Things started off as a typical sixth grade "relationship" — we mostly texted, barely talked, and never got to hang out. However, over the years, things changed and he quickly became my best friend. It turned into knowing each other's likes and dislikes better than we know our own, winning cutest couple in eighth grade, driving hours to see me compete for three minutes, being able to order for one another, helping each other studying, spending weekends at the hockey rink, working at Outback, visiting and applying to colleges, going on family vacations, talking to recruiters, and being voted Homecoming King and Queen.

Regardless of the endless amount of doubts from many peers and adults, we made it through all of junior high, high school, and my first year of college together. At times, it was definitely hard, but never once did we break up in all of almost eight years.

A year ago, Boomer gave Cheyenne a "promise ring" with the commitment that he would one day replace it with an engagement ring. During that time, Boomer graduated from the Marine Corps boot camp while Cheyenne continued to study at Missouri State University. "This past week, he surprised me and came home. Five days ago, Boomer asked my parents for my hand in marriage," she wrote. "Two days ago, he proposed and I could not have been happier to say yes! Here's to many (more) years of happiness with my high school sweetheart!"

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