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Reasons to Be Grateful You're in a Relationship

5 Reasons to Be Thankful You're in a Relationship

With Thanksgiving upon us, you may be bugging about all the family-filled time about to ensue. Maybe your significant other has spent lots of time with your family in the past, or maybe this is their very first time hanging with everyone. Whether you're nervous, excited, or feeling a little ambivalent at this point, here are five reminders of why you should count your blessings that you're in a solid relationship.

1. Quality time together.

Holiday time off means you get to spend much-needed quality time together. No need to stress about the regular grind of the workweek. The two of you will have a shot to relax and enjoy each other.

2. A chance to tighten your bond.

Meeting the family translates to things getting real. Spending the holidays together will only solidify the foundation of your relationship.

3. A partner in crime.

Since you're not flying solo, you won't need to worry about getting bored! Having your significant other at family holiday functions will only help keep you entertained (and get you out of those obligatory events you just can't handle).

4. Connecting faces to names.

Maybe your SO has been talking about their crazy aunt and uncle for years, but you never were able to put the whole picture together. This holiday is a perfect opportunity to understand the whole landscape of the family situation.

5. Help with the small talk.

If you've got a family full of chatterboxes, the holidays can definitely be fun but slightly exhausting. With your significant other by your side, you'll be able to share the load of the questions and conversation.

Why are you grateful you're in a relationship this Thanksgiving? Share your thoughts below! Not taken? Well we have five upsides to being single, too.

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