Another Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend at a Wedding — This Time, the Bride Helped Plan It

I think we can all agree that it's pretty rude to interrupt someone else's wedding for your own proposal, and we've seen it multiple times. But when Adam Brake popped the question to his longtime girlfriend at her best friend's wedding, it was actually incredibly sweet — because the bride herself helped plan it. When it came to the bouquet toss, Jess Nakrayko handed the flowers over to Jessica Kieley, her best friend since high school, and told her to turn around, where Adam was kneeling on the ground with the ring.

In the weeks leading up to Jess's wedding in Jamaica, she and Jessica talked about how great it'd be if Adam proposed on the trip. So, as the amazing best friend she is, Jess approached Adam with the idea, more than willing to share the spotlight on her big day. He was reluctant to go through with it, not wanting to take away from the special occasion in any way, but eventually agreed.

It was all arranged with the wedding planner to switch the music at the right moment to Bruno Mars's "Marry Me" when Jessica realized why the bride had just handed the bouquet to her.

"The experience was unlike anything I had ever witnessed," said their photographer, Ross Dance, whose Instagram photo of the proposal quickly caught attention. "Jess gave me a heads up that it was happening and I was extremely nervous leading up to it. As Jess walked over all I could think about was that there would be a moment when her best friend realized what was happening, and that was the reaction I needed to capture. As soon as her best friend realized what was about to transpire, my eyes filled up with tears and I became a spectator. I actually had to snap myself out in order to keep taking photos. The energy and love in the room was palpable."

See how it all unfolded in the photos ahead!