I Tried This After-Sex Cleanup Product, and It Worked Like a Charm

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If men are your preferred sexual partner, it's about time we address an awkward, postsex cleanup issue that's rarely talked about: drippage. Anyone who's been in a committed relationship where condoms are no longer necessary has likely dealt with this taboo, after-sex situation.

Here's what happens: the fun is over, I meticulously maneuver myself off the bed, careful not to sit up too much, waddle to the bathroom hunched over (maybe even with a hand cupping my vagina), then camp out on the toilet waiting for "him" to drip out. It's a lot of effort to avoid semen from dripping out of me and onto the sheets, bedroom carpet, hallway floor, or bathroom tile. And no matter how long I sit there, I'll inevitably wake up an hour or so later due to extra drippage.

It happens all the time, yet no one talks about it. For a while, I thought maybe it was just me. Perhaps it had something to do with the way my anatomy was structured, like maybe I had a low cervix or particularly curved vaginal canal. But then I got an email about Come&Gone by Awkward Essentials and was so relieved that — finally! — someone was not only addressing the issue but had also created a solution for it.

Come&Gone is a disposable sponge that can be inserted into the vagina after sex to soak up all the excess fluids. I tried it out and am incredibly pleased to report it held up to its claim to "ban the dripping." As instructed, I held the handle, inserted the sponge into my vagina, twisted and swirled it around a bit, then removed it and threw it away. Goodbye, drippage! And the best part is there was no leakage wake-up call later that night.

The sponge is made from soft, sterile, medical-grade polyurethane with no additives, and the handle is polypropylene. Come&Gone sponges are available in packs as low as 10 ($10) or up to 69 ($52, originally $69). They're compact, so you can easily hide one in a purse or discreet location in the bathroom if you'd rather not share your cleanup process with your partner.

I used it in the bathroom but plan to start keeping them in my nightstand, so I can immediately clean up while still lying in bed, allowing me to get out of bed normally and walk — not like a penguin — to the bathroom for the obligatory postsex pee. Either way, my underwear, sheets, floor, and I are all grateful there's finally a solution to this sticky situation.