This Couple Channeled the Obamas For Their Swoon-Worthy Engagement Photos

One of the things that the public fell in love with during Barack Obama's presidency was the obvious chemistry he had with his wife, Michelle. It's hard to miss the radiant affection that the former president and first lady had for each other, and their strong relationship even inspired another couple's meaningful engagement photos.

Cassi and her fiancé Adam decided to celebrate their engagement by re-creating iconic portraits of Michelle and Barack, and the breathtaking shots have since gone viral. "The couple didn't do this for exposure," Covesa Gragg owner of Covesa Kelly Events said in a statement. "They genuinely admire the Obamas and felt their love was an example of what they want out of their marriage. We just wanted to capture that love."

Natasha Herbert captured the Ohio couple's photos and shared comparisons of their versions and the original inspiration. Not only are the similarities leaving people speechless but the photos are also paying tribute to a power couple that many are nostalgic for. "I miss the Obamas SO much," Covesa told the Huffington Post. "When our bride and groom said, 'Can we try and duplicate one of their famous shots for our engagement pics?' I was like 'Let's do an entire shoot ― we can do this and this and THIS!'"