14 DIY Halloween Cowgirl Costume Ideas

For those of you who are already struggling with what to wear this Halloween, allow me to put you on to the easy, DIY cowgirl costume. Among the Barbies and Kens this Halloween, you can't go wrong with a little hint of the wild, wild West for your next costume idea. From fringed vests to cowboy hats and rustic boots, the cowgirl costume is definitely a tried-and-true favorite. Who doesn't look cute in all denim?

But achieving the perfect cowgirl costume doesn't mean you have to shell out hundreds of dollars on something you'll never wear again in your life. Instead, we've got you covered with some great DIY cowgirl costume ideas that will have you roping in all of the compliments.

If you're not a big DIY girlie, don't fret. A DIY cowgirl costume isn't limited to one specific look; cowgirls come in all different variations! Whether this means going for a preppy cowgirl costume, a sexy cowgirl costume, or somewhere in between, there are so many ways to channel your inner cowgirl chic. And you might even find most of the components of your outfit are right there in your closet.

With a little inspiration and a sprinkle of rodeo chic, you can DIY a cowgirl costume that'll make you look like you can lasso with the best of them. Saddle up, friends, because here are the best adult cowgirl costumes to emulate this Halloween.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Plaid Cowgirl

Whoever said dressing up for Halloween is hard has never tried a DIY cowgirl costume. Like shown here, simply wear some jean shorts and a plaid top, wrap a bandana around your neck, and Amazon Prime a cowboy hat. Yes, it's really that easy.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Cow-Girl

You can't spell "cowgirl" without the cow! Using brown, black, or even pink cow print is a great way to mix up your DIY cowgirl costume.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: "Renaissance" Cowgirl

Beyonce has brought a whole new meaning to cowgirl chic. Try out a "Renaissance"-inspired cowgirl look to elevate your costume. This means it's time to break out the sequins, silver, and sparkles — oh my!


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: '70s Cowgirl

Don't limit yourself to one color palette. By using staples like denim, belts, and a cowboy hat, you can still have fun with different colors and make it known that you're dressed as a cowgirl. With the pop of color, you may even be able to go for a retro, '70s theme, too.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Barbie Cowgirl

If you've been inspired by the iconic looks in the "Barbie" movie, you're not alone. Channel your inner Barbie AND cowgirl by going for an all-pink look for your DIY cowgirl costume. Just don't forget the pink cowgirl hat, too!


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Corset Cowgirl

If you want to play more into Western themes for your DIY cowgirl costume, try using a pleather corset to elevate your look. Coupled with a white ruffled top, you'll pull off a look straight out of the West.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Simple Cowgirl

No worries if you don't have a cowboy hat lying around — not all cowgirls wear hats! You can still get the point across that you're a cowgirl by playing with denim, patterned tops, and maybe even a belt buckle.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Simply Chic Cowgirl

Remember when we said you'd likely have everything you need for a DIY cowgirl costume in your closet? Here's proof. All you have to do is put on some jeans, a black crop top, a bandana, and a cowboy hat to fit the cowgirl aesthetic.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Cowgirl Friends

There are so many different variations of a cowgirl you can try this Halloween, as seen by this group of friends. So don't be afraid to wear whatever is in your closet and then just spruce up the outfit with some cow print, a cowboy hat, or cowboy boots. Crafting the perfect costume doesn't have to be hard or a pain.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Denim Cowgirl

Cowgirls love a good denim. So what better way to DIY your cowgirl costume than to throw on some denim on denim? Accessorizing your all-denim look with pops of color can also be a great way to make your outfit stand out.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Sexy Pink Cowgirl

This is another way to channel a "Barbie"-inspired cowgirl look. It's as easy as wearing a pink top with pink shorts, then accessorizing from there with a belt buckle or white boots.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Festival Cowgirl

Cowgirl, meet Coachella! Bring a fun, festival vibe to your DIY cowgirl costume by incorporating fringe, pops of color, and lots of face jewels.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Flare-Jeans Cowgirl

We know cowgirls love their denim, so why not use an iconic jeans style for your DIY cowgirl costume? Flare jeans paired with any top can add a chic touch to your costume.


DIY Cowgirl Costume Idea: Dead Cowgirl

If you want to lean more into the scary side of being a cowgirl, you can have some fun with makeup. Use zombie inspiration to create a DIY dead cowgirl costume that'll be both cute and spooky.