Promposals Are the New Proposals — 70+ Creative Ways to Pop the Question to Your Date

Do you know what the most important day of the year is? No, we aren't talking about your birthday, your high-school graduation, or really any other day for that matter. We're talking about prom — a day where everyone gets the chance to dress their best and dance the night away. But before that day can come, there's something even more important than just looking good and showing off your moves, and that is asking your soon-to-be date to go to prom with you. With the rise of over-the-top promposals, a simple "Will you go to prom with me?" letter that you wrote in first period just won't cut it. From puppy surprises to hand-drawn portraits to even setting sail at sea, promposals these days are seriously no joke.

So if you're having trouble thinking of the perfect way to ask your date to prom, we rounded up some of the best ideas out there. Whether you give your promposal a personal spin, make it sweet, or go completely wild, let the fun begin before the dance even starts. We can promise you that the biggest day of the year is about to get so much more memorable.

Additional reporting by Tara Block


Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Treat

Are You In or Out?

Picture Us at Prom?

Sparkle-Dusted Strawberry Treat

Doughnut Date

Picture Perfect

Will You Accept This Rose?

Setting Sail

Scoop You Up

Too Sweet

Light Up the Night

Sweet Treat

Doughnut Date

My Highlight

Pretty Pastries

Don't Bale on Me

Ulta Makeup For Prom

Doughnut Date

Cookie-Cake Question

Running Through My Head

Cake-Pop Proposal

You're the GOAT

It Might Be a Wild Pitch

Be My Boo

Coffee Date

Be My Date

Song Solo

What's Love?

Backyard Blowout

Colorful Cookies

Jewelry Justification

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Treat

Lavender-Dream Strawberry Treat

Pizza Party

You + Me

Roses and Berries

Be My Catch

If You're Wearing These

Be My Chick

Poolside Candles

"Wanna Croc It Like It's Hot?"

"You Turn Negatives Into Positives"

"Bee My Honey"

Disney Reference

"Who Said There Can't Be Two Princesses?"

"Every Beast Needs His Beauty"

Cookie Cake

Outdoor Lights

"Can You Picture Us at Prom?

"Be One Smart Cookie and Say Yes"

Dog Collar Question

"This Time Will You Be My Sparkle and Shine?"

A True Catch

The Final Rose

"Words Cannot Describe How Much I Wanted to Ask You"

Movie Night

"I Mustache You . . . "

Cookie Creation

Pig Proposal

Cheesy Question

Crafty Macarons

Okay? Okay.

Creative Coffee

Slug Bug

Decorative Cupcakes