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50+ Best Hinge-Prompt Answers

How to Answer Hinge's Most Popular Prompts For the Most Matches

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Unlike many popular dating apps today, Hinge boasts an interesting format in which its users have the ability to answer a variety of premade prompts, alleviating some of the pressure of having to come up with a unique or clever bio all by yourself. All you have to do is simply pick three Hinge prompts (and a voice prompt, if you're comfortable) and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Since these Hinge prompts are predetermined and everyone can answer them, though, it can sometimes feel hard to stand out on Hinge. If you're struggling with answering Hinge's prompts, look no further than this list of Hinge-prompt answers that will keep your profile exciting and totally match-worthy.

"I'm the Type of Texter Who . . ."

While this Hinge prompt may seem boring, you can actually tell a whole lot through it about whether or not a person is looking for a serious or casual relationship. People looking for commitments might be more open to frequent communication, while someone more casual might be less responsive. Here are some Hinge-prompt answers for this one:

  • Doesn't believe that double-texting is bad.
  • Forgets to respond but WILL feel guilty about it, too.
  • Simps for "good morning" and "goodnight" messages.
  • Will expect you to watch all the TikToks I send you. (And yes, there will be a lot.)
  • Has a folder of memes ready to send as soon as I get your number.

"Dating Me Is Like . . ."

This is a great Hinge prompt to showcase exactly what you're looking for in your next relationship. Here, you can be funny, genuine, or serious. Here are some of the best Hinge-prompt answers for this one:

  • A picnic on a spring day with bottomless mimosas.
  • Having a best friend, a partner, and a sidekick all in one person.
  • Casual, exciting, and unpredictable.
  • Going to a buffet of all your favorite foods.
  • Having asthma because I'll take your breath away (and then offer you my inhaler).
  • That feeling when you get your favorite food delivered.

"The 1 Thing I'd Love to Know About You Is . . ."

A key to a well-rounded Hinge profile is making sure there are conversation starters within it somewhere. The "Let's Chat About" Hinge prompts are perfect for this. Several solid Hinge-prompt answers here:

  • What book series you were obsessed with as a kid.
  • What TV show or movie you find yourself constantly quoting.
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • What your perfect Saturday looks like.
  • What pandemic hobby you picked up and fell in love with.
  • Whether or not you know the muffin man.
  • Your Social Security number, mainly. Perhaps your mother's maiden name as well.
  • Your favorite restaurant and what you order when you're there.

"First Round Is on Me If . . ."

Skip the chitchat and invite someone to drinks! In this section, you can either suggest a challenge or write something that you would want to relate to someone with. Read on for great Hinge-prompt answers for this prompt:

  • [Insert musical artist here] was also at the top of your Spotify Wrapped last year.
  • You beat me at bowling. Wii or real life.
  • You can quote [insert movie here].
  • You can tell me your favorite Star Wars movie and why!
  • You also logged too many hours on "Animal Crossing: New Horizons."
  • You can beat me at today's Wordle.
  • You have a [insert dog, cat, or other pet here] that I can love on.

"I'll Fall For You If . . ."

This is the perfect section to genuinely discuss what you really want in a partner. Speak from the heart! If you'd prefer to be a little silly, we have included options for that as well. Some Hinge-prompt answers to test out:

  • I don't have my glasses on.
  • You're really into skydiving. Or not. Whatever.
  • You are a good communicator who likes meaningful conversation.
  • You will watch [insert sports team here] games with me.
  • You are down to binge reality TV on lazy days.
  • You are down to go to the gym together.

"My Most Irrational Fear"

This is a great place to say if you genuinely have a unique fear. From elevators and birds to heights and sharks, this is a fun prompt that you have so much freedom with. Some chuckle-worthy Hinge-prompt answers include:

  • Fear itself?
  • Definitely you ignoring my profile.
  • Pigeons. Those things creep me out.
  • Being forced to watch a movie filled with all my old Snapchats.
  • You not being a dog person.

"The Best Way to Ask Me Out Is By . . ."

Introverts, rejoice! No need to sweat how you're going to ask your matches out if things go well. This prompt allows you to tell your matches exactly how you want to be asked on a date, all without any fuss. Here are some clever Hinge-prompt answers for this one:

  • Taking me to your favorite restaurant so I can learn what you like.
  • Making reservations to your fave hole-in-the-wall and telling me what time to be there.
  • Taking me to [insert favorite type of food/restaurant here] so I can show you my favorite dishes.
  • Finding a movie you want to see and getting us tickets.
  • Having a meaningful conversation with me first. :)

"Biggest Risk I've Taken"

This is a great prompt if you like living on the edge. In this section, feel free to talk about moving to a new state, a thrilling hobby, or a wild night out. If you don't have any stories that fit here, you can also be cheeky and say one of these Hinge-prompt answers:

  • Downloading Hinge so that I could find someone like you.
  • Sending you a like even though you [insert something about their profile, like "don't like dogs" or "hate texting"].
  • Probably that one time I punched a shark. (That makes me sound tough, right?)
  • Asking my mom to stop at McDonald's on the way back from middle school.

"Typical Sunday"

If you spend your weekends pursuing your many hobbies, you should definitely write that here. Whether it's volunteering at a cat shelter, going to the gym, birdwatching in the park, or thrifting, this is a perfect window into who you are. If you're struggling to come up with responses, here are some Hinge-prompt answers for this one:

  • Going to brunch, finding the bottom of the bottomless mimosas, and regretting it on Monday.
  • Battling the Sunday Scaries (and doing laundry).
  • Doing seven days' worth of self-care in one day. Would you like to do a face mask together?
  • Making a list of healthy groceries, buying said healthy groceries, and then getting home and realizing I now have no snacks because I only want Hot Cheetos.
  • Telling my grandma that I went to church.

"Together We Could . . ."

If you're someone who already knows exactly what you want in your relationship, this is the prompt to express it. Feel free to share niche interests, favorite movies you obsess over, or hobbies that you love to explore or would like to explore with a potential date. We've got some great Hinge-prompt answers for this one:

  • Rule the galaxy.
  • Stick together like velcro.
  • Race each other in Mario Kart.
  • Be like when oxygen and magnesium get together . . . because people will be saying OMg.
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