This Couple Got Married at the Kennedy Space Center, and the Ceremony Looked Like a Blast (Off)

Misty Miotto Photography

Talk about a wedding that's out of this world! Pro gamer David and wife Krystal took their love to a galaxy far away (but still kinda close) with a wedding at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL. Their special day featured rockets, astronaut food, and even a special guest. Winston E. Scott, a real-life astronaut, gave the couple a few words of wisdom for their future lives as husband and wife and even played the saxophone for a bit of entertainment! From a gorgeous galaxy-themed wedding cake (yes, that's a hole in the middle of the cake) to light-infused floral centerpieces and, of course, a stunning bride and groom, you're going to want to skim through every single picture taken by Misty Miotto Photography for inspiration for your own nuptials (or, you know, just your next party) — they're truly amazing! See all the gorgeous photos from David and Krystal's space-themed wedding ahead.