This Adorable Couple Had a Retro '90s Photo Shoot, and Wow — Bring on the Nostalgia!

Rae Leigh Photography

Melanie and Philip are creatives at heart, with Melanie working as a professional makeup artist and Philip channeling his creativity as a DJ. That's why the pair opted for a retro '90s photo shoot that was a kaleidoscope of colors, just like their love. The shoot took place in a time-machine house in Dallas, TX, which added to the retro feel of the shoot and really packed in the nostalgia. The pair look so happy in these photos, and the chemistry between them is absolutely electric.

"This shoot perfectly fit the couple's personality. This time-machine house had everything: Memphis design patterns (my fave right now), Ninja Turtle arcade game, Super Nintendo with a plethora of games, bright colored furniture, a yummy cereal bar, and most of all, nostalgia," said photographer Jessica Palacios of the shoot. "These Saved by the Bell vibes have me feeling all kinds of goodness! The bright colors of this home and the love between these two were what made this shoot pop!" We could not agree more, so keep reading to see these gorgeous photos from the shoot!