I Role-Played as a Kinky Lawyer, and It Was the Hottest Sex of My Life

I Role-Played as a Lawyer, and It Was the Hottest Sex of My Life
Getty | AlexMax NickS
Photo Illustration by Aly Lim
Getty | AlexMax NickS
Photo Illustration by Aly Lim

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When I first moved to New York City, I was in a relationship within a month. But after almost a year together, we broke up, and I was ready to embrace my single-girl era. I got on the dating apps almost immediately and was impressed by the number of guys who wanted to take me out.

All my friends had described dating-app culture to be the worst, and yet, with all the attention I was receiving, my confidence was at an all-time high. Little did I know, scoring a first date wasn't the problem with dating-app culture — it was the situationships, fizzling, and ghosting that came after that majorly plummeted my confidence.

On one particular day, though, while scrolling through a dating app, I matched with a finance bro turned cyber security analyst — and much to my surprise, he was more than just a first date. He actually wanted to get to know me.

Via text, he asked the stuff that no one ever seemed interested in, like, "What's one of your biggest regrets?" and "If money and other people's opinions didn't matter, what would you do with your life?"

Our in-person dates were just as sweet. We went out for coffee, walks along the park, and saw a few movies. And even though the dates never led to anything sexual, the tension was definitely there.

One night, over text, we talked about how we had both considered studying law. And despite having already had a conversation about our sexual preferences, I was shocked by his next text.

"Can I be frank here? I'm very attracted to you, and the idea of us being rival lawyers just turns me on incredibly."

"What turns you on about the idea?" I asked him, interested in the way the conversation was leading.

"I don't think I would be able to control myself seeing you take charge like that. I'd have to take you to the judge's chambers. Bend you over the desk," he said.

Nothing sounded hotter. From then on, we ended most of our conversations by sexting with the smuttiest legal scenarios until we both got off.

"I'm very attracted to you, and the idea of us being rival lawyers just turns me on incredibly," he said.

A week or so after our sexting had started, my roommate was out of town and I was aimlessly watching TV in the living room when he texted me. He was out with his friends at a bar and told me that if I decided to show up, he wouldn't be able to contain himself. Feeling high off of the ego boost, I texted him back.

"If you decide to show up at my place with wine in hand, I don't think I could either," I texted him back. "I'd gladly see you in the judge's chambers."

"What's the address? I'm coming now," he immediately replied back, and I gave it to him.

Within minutes, my doorbell buzzed and the word "Here" popped up on my phone screen. I was literally shaking, but when I opened the door for him, the nerves melted away. Like promised, he showed up with a bottle of rosé — and a smile so sensual, I couldn't wait to see it between my thighs.

Everything after that happened so fast. One minute, I was getting two glasses of wine from the kitchen, and the next, his lips were against mine and he had hooked his arms under my thighs and picked me up. After asking which one of the rooms in the apartment was mine, he took us there and laid me on the bed.

After we had both of our clothes on the floor, he yanked me to the side of the bed and proceeded to go down on me for what felt like 30 minutes. Once I got off, he moved me into missionary, and I noticed he was bigger than any man I had ever been with. As he pressed into me and moved his body on top of mine, I felt nothing short of satisfied.

He moved me through different variations of missionary, and then doggy, and then cowgirl, and I was overcome with the sensations. He was attentive and caring, yet aggressive and dominant at the same time. And though we weren't actively acting out our little lawyer role-play scenario, my mind continued replaying our texts. The sexual buildup, the nightly sexts, and the sudden unexpectedness of our encounter got me off in a way no partner had ever done before.

We ended up hooking up three more times that night, and I had never felt more satisfied. I wanted more, and more, and more. The next morning, after I watched him get dressed, he gave me a kiss goodbye and whispered against my lips, "Feel free to call anytime."

Unfortunately, I didn't see him again after that for many years. Between both of us going back home for the summer and our busy schedules, it just didn't pan out. But three years later, when I found myself in the dating pool once more, I got a notification that he'd followed me on Instagram.

"Permission to approach the bench once more?" he messaged me, and I knew I was ready to pick up our conversation right where we'd left off.