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First Date Tips

Tips For an Enjoyable — and Hopefully Successful — First Date!

Even though we're in the middle of wedding season on the PopSugar Network, we can't forget the beginning of all lifelong or best-forgotten relationships: the first date. Trying to decide whether a perfect stranger is a potential mate can get stressful and tiresome. So I have eight tips to help make it all go as smooth as possible. Add yours in the comments!

  1. Wear your favorite go-to outfit, rather than trying out a new look. You'll feel more comfortable, and you might as well be yourself.
  2. Especially if you met the person online, follow these safety tips, including meeting in public and letting a friend know where you're going.
  3. Plan an outing that won't take all night. That way you can go home if you're not feeling it, or extend the fun if you are. You could just agree on drinks, perhaps at a place you know serves dinner, and opt to dine together if you don't want the night to end.
  4. Remember to ask a lot of questions if you're worried about keeping the conversation going. That trick, along with simple things like eye contact and a smile, will make a thoughtful first impression.
  5. Before you head out, think ahead about something funny that happened to you that day or recently. You can pull that story out if you're feeling nervous or come up against awkward silences. Plus, having a sense of humor is always a good thing!
  6. Consider ordering a festive cocktail when you get to the restaurant to cut the tension, but choose wine by the glass rather than a whole bottle during the meal. Or go for low-alcohol cocktails. You'll prevent any drinking-induced oversharing about the ex or other unfortunate topics.
  7. Don't forget that it's just a date, and the other person is likely just as nervous. Embrace the uncertainty and the butterflies in your stomach, because once you're paired up and retired from your first-date career, it's hard to find a feeling quite like it.
  8. Throw some mints in your bag, just in case you get that end-of-the-night kiss!
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danakscully64 danakscully64 6 years
"Wear your favorite go-to outfit" On my first date with my current boyfriend, he let his best friend dress him in his clothes and they were too big. Plus, the style wasn't consistent with his. It wasn't until the 2nd date when I knew he was "The One." It's important to not dress to impress to a point where it's not you. I still tease him about that :P Our first date was actually at Starbucks. He drove 45 minutes out to meet me and we planned on dinner if the coffee date went well. We got our drinks and sat outside. It was a nice, cool evening and we were both relaxed in their comfy chairs. From there, we ended up going out to dinner. It was nice meeting at a public place (met online) and if we didn't click, we knew we could just leave from the coffee house and go our separate ways.
jakeinlove jakeinlove 6 years
Coffee dates are like going to a job interview - one that you don't care if you get or not. Put an effort into going to and enjoying the experience if you plan on getting something out of it.
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
i think coffee dates are realllllllly weird. maybe it's just because i'm not a coffee shop kinda gal. i prefer drinks. that way, if things are going well, you can stay out later. once you finish your coffee, i feel like it's harder to find get-to-know you activities
Tara-Block Tara-Block 6 years
These are great tips! I especially agree on doing something short like drinks or coffee — you don't want to be stuck on a terrible date for three hours!
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